Skill Development For The Future: The Role Of Private Universities | The Daily Star
  • Innovation as a skill

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the technological and social transformations that are changing business models, labour markets and learning.

  • Promoting student entrepreneurs and creating future leaders

    Over the years, many private universities have adopted the vision of shaping entrepreneurs and have been vigorously trying to nurture students who show strong interest towards entrepreneurship by providing them the required support.

  • How Versatile Clubs are Making a Difference at Private Universities

    Indeed, the members are always on their toes, enthusiastically speaking of their various training programmes on video editing, filmmaking and photography, as well as exhibitions, workshops, field trips and competitions.

  • Preparing students for the 21st century

    As a young country, Bangladesh takes pride in numerous major developments that have taken place over the years. However, when co-curricular activities and skills development are considered of great importance globally, Bangladesh's education falls behind with its redundant emphasis on theoretical and bookish knowledge.

  • Walk the talk with Vice Chancellors

    What makes a graduate stand out among a large pool of qualified candidates in the job market? What is it that potentially differentiates a candidate from another during the application process? What are the possible qualities recruiters look for when it comes to hiring an employee?