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  • Valiant Soldiers Fighting Cancer

    Life is accompanied by many sad ordeals. While most individuals overcome them and move on, some decide to invest their time in taking steps to ensure these unfortunate events do not happen to others.

  • Voice of the Voiceless

    In developing nations like Bangladesh, the death of animals not only represent a loss of income for farm families, but also, family savings and investments over many years.

  • A Career in Music?

    At one point in life, many of us asked ourselves if it was possible to search for an alternative career path.

  • Fuel to a Man's Dream

    It is said that dreams are often the most profound when they are the most unusual. This certainly holds true for Muhammad Towhidul Islam.

  • The Need for Counselling in Schools

    According to experts, day by day adolescent problem behaviours are increasing harrowingly.

  • Inside the Cha Polli

    Every beautiful creation is an outcome of someone's diligence. The lush green tea gardens of Bangladesh are no exceptions. There is an entire community toiling in the tea garden, a community which is often overlooked.

  • Making Research More Accessible

    When we think of conducting a research we immediately associate it with a great deal of reading and field work. Access to research materials becomes a crucial point for many researchers and it is surprising

  • Fulfilling the Thirst of the Masses

    Water is an essential fluid on which all life depends. Even then, access to clean and safe drinking water is one of the most pressing, yet relatively overlooked issues in Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka Hub at Davos 2018

    I am very fortunate to have had three things in my early childhood that were fundamental in shaping me: a safe home, a good education, and caring parents who instilled strong moral values.

  • Gamechanger in the Transport Industry

    Hussain M Elius is the current CEO of Pathao, the popular ride-sharing platform that helps passengers reach their destinations on time. Recently, they have also launched two new services call 'Pathao Parcels' and 'Pathao Food'.

  • An Integrated Admission Test in Public Universities of Bangladesh

    My batch and I sat for the HSC exam three decades ago in 1987. Our results came out at the end of that year. Like everybody else, I was faced with the question: which university, and what subject?

  • A Peek into the Minds of the Future:

    15 young changemakers, from all over Bangladesh, feeding off enthusiasm and passion to do something better for the society: that was the essence of the roundtable held jointly by The Daily Star and Ashoka Foundation.

  • Marketing for the Future

    Among the many functions of business, marketing hosts the most misconceptions. Many business students assume that to be good at marketing, one needs to have creative acumen

  • From Teknaf to Tetulia

    Even though I did not always dream of running a triathlon, I always participated in sports and other athletic activities. An adventure club was being established at Dhaka University when I joined it.

  • Sketching Unique Stories

    Thank you. I have always loved video-making but after participating in competitions like the NSU Ad Makers, Adwiz and CreDive in 2016, I found my forte and planned to build a media production company.

  • Allowing Yourself to Dream

    My love for gymnastics dates back to 2006, when I was in grade eight. Back then, Gazipur Physical College introduced the first gymnastics course for children and adults.

  • Life in his Words

    Every Bengali family can probably pull a beautifully comforting and familiar association with food and cricket in their everyday life.

  • Becoming Strong in Mind and Body

    It is no mystery that encouraging people to become physically fit from an early age, make healthy life choices, and establish healthy routines for life has turned crucial

  • Together for Change

    Ensuring access to sports for people, from different spheres, is one of the ways of building a society with equality.

  • Setting Their Goals High

    Women's participation in sports is often thought to be less appreciated by our community since athletics are largely male-dominated and characterised by masculine qualities such as competition, aggression, and strength.