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  • Bangladesh's ailing tax system

    The tax system in Bangladesh is not very different from that of most other developing countries. A significant share of revenue is collected at the border, while domestic taxes are primarily from the VAT and income taxes.

  • Making migrants' life easier

    Time and again the government of Bangladesh has reiterated its commitment to ensure the dignity and protection of short-term contract migrant workers.

  • Dalals: Demons or merchants of short-term international migration?

    Remittances received from short-term international contract migration are one of the three important driving forces that have contributed to the transformation of Bangladesh into a low middle-income country.

  • For a vibrant financial sector

    An “economic miracle”—that's how leading international newspaper the Financial Times described Bangladesh in an article last year as it showered praises over our economic achievements.

  • It's all about institutions

    Anyone who visits Dhaka for the first time may be excused for thinking that Bangladesh is a rich country with millions of automobiles.

  • Protection of Bangladesh migrant workers rights

    Protecting migrants' welfare

    Fatema, 20, the sole breadwinner of her family, migrated to Saudi Arabia in search of solvency. She purchased a ticket to her dream destination at the cost of Tk 20,000 though the actual cost was much higher.

  • A glance at two success stories

    After apparels the pharmaceuticals industry has been one of the success stories of Bangladesh in the last three decades.

  • Ready Made Garment sector

    RMG sector: Lessons for the future

    The formation of Accord and Alliance in 2013 and their activities for workplace safety in the RMG sector have led to important organisational learning for Bangladesh.

  • Banking sector and its impact on our economy

    In the last two years, Bangladesh's economic expansion has been quite impressive from the perspective of GDP growth rate, which was seven-plus percent both years, according to figures from government and other sources.

  • How specialised banks are lending a helping hand

    Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a population of 166 million living in an area of 56,977 square miles. The sex ratio of this massive population is almost 50/50.

  • Graduating out of LDC group with momentum

    Bangladesh is well-poised to be considered for graduation from the LDC group at the next review of the UN's Committee for Development Policy (CDP) in March 2018.

  • Building a 'nation brand'

    In today's globalised and highly competitive world, individual countries invariably operate as part of the “global value chain.”

  • Revitalising Exports

    Export diversification has proven to be a formidable task for Bangladesh. If anything, export concentration—more specifically, dependence on readymade garments (RMG)—has increased further.

  • Where do we stand?

    In the last five years Bangladesh has been maintaining a GDP growth rate between six and seven percent. Consequently, Bangladesh's energy consumption has been increasing at more than eight percent per year.