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  • Creating new employment opportunities

    Bangladesh's economic growth and development experiences over the past four and a half decades since independence in 1971 have generated a lot of interests among academics and development practitioners both from home and abroad.

  • The vicious impact of bureaucracy in business

    When we were students, we hated red tapism—we spoke and wrote against it and vowed to change it in the future. But after being recruited into government service, we forgot our old promise, or dared not to talk about it.

  • Some ways to reduce youth unemployment

    In a recent podcast interview, renowned particle physicist Brian Cox said that the scientific community was generally of the consensus that the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the recent breakthroughs in automation technology are likely to replace millions of workers around the world, primarily in jobs that do not require a high degree of skill.

  • Education in the age of rapid technological advances

    It is quite impossible to ignore the presence of the Internet and its related electronic devices in our day to day life. The age of Internet users is as young as 3 years old. At present, nearly all toddlers have their allocated media time consisting of a few minutes or hours with mobile phones or tabs every day. T


    This issue, titled “Entrepreneurship as a Key to Youth Employment”, is the second instalment of our 200-page special supplement series on the occasion of The Daily Star's 28th anniversary.

  • Role of education in shaping employees of the future

    Education today will fast become obsolete if it fails to address the challenges of creating 21st century competencies which range from advanced cognitive thinking and social and managerial skills to negotiating a technology driven world.

  • Technological revolution and the jobs of tomorrow

    Today's technological revolution has given rise to a digital economy, which includes the Internet (fixed and mobile broadband), cloud computing, smartphones, smart cities, the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning,

  • Youth entrepreneurship and start-ups

    Based on World Economic Forum's (WEF) Inclusive Development Index-2018, Bangladesh ranks 34th, close to China (26th), and ahead of Pakistan (47th) and India (62nd), as of January 22, 2018 (when the IDI was published). One of the major contributors to this growth has been the growth of the start-up arena in Bangladesh.

  • Editor's Note

    Like the previous years, we are celebrating our 28th anniversary with yet another colourful, well-illustrated 200-page special

  • The need to transform the capital market

    In most market economies around the world, investors can typically choose between many financial assets to put their money in. The demand for different financial products arises from an elemental property of risky assets: uncertainty in payoffs.