Lives buried under the weight of waste

At around 9 AM, two massive excavators were moving wastes from a waste dumping platform at Matuail Sanitary Landfill. Deafening noise from the engines and their gigantic moving arms equipped with...

They are called “untouchables”

26 years ago, a young Md Riajuddin came to Dhaka, from Mymensingh, to make a decent living.

Living on medical wastes

Md Rasel, a 27-year-old peddler, regularly visits hospitals and diagnostic centres in Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bangla Nagar area to collect recyclable medical wastes.

Time for Nature

The theme for World Environment Day (WED) 2021, “Ecosystem Restoration”, is the ultimate environmental call to action. We can’t reverse time and prevent the damage that has already been done to our...

Menstruation and social stigma in Bangladesh

“When I was 15, I had sent my younger brother to the nearby pharmacy to get me a packet of sanitary napkins. He came back without having it

Biodegradable Shaathi Pads: Helping Women and the Environment

Have you ever imagined how many disposable pads a menstruating woman or girl uses in a year or how much they actually cost?

The journey towards becoming a cashless society

It was 1994 when Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Bangladesh rolled out automated teller machine and debit cards in tandem, which are considered to be the first example of technology integration in...

An example of brilliance

My classes in BUET began in 1991, and I first met Professor Choudhury in 1995, during the fourth year of my undergraduate studies.

A visionary leader

It is rare to find a university classroom where there is pindrop silence when the lecturer is speaking – not because the students are scared of being admonished by the teacher but because they are...

The future of transport infrastructure in Bangladesh

The ongoing infrastructure projects will definitely improve our transportation system. We need to assess this development from a historical perspective. At the time of Partition, the transport...