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  • Welcome to surreal Pakistan

    When after a long journey through mountains, valleys, villages and hills; I saw Deosai for the first time, it struck me as if Wordsworth wrote the poem for Deosai.

  • Ice camping with penguins in Antarctica

    When you've paid a large chunk of your savings to go on the trip of a lifetime, you would probably be smart about it and not do anything stupid that will make you miss the trip.

  • The Great Bengal romance with the Sundarbans

    She is a friend and a foe. She is all encompassing and she can take away all. The mighty Sundarbans, the enchanted forest, the recipient of my modern-day love letters.

  • Love in Florence

    On a bright sunny August afternoon, the view from the Camping Michelangelo—a camp site set on a hill above the city of Florence—is spectacularly exhilarating.

  • Rafting in the Grand Canyon

    My first visit to the Grand Canyon was with my wife, as a newly wedded couple several decades ago. I was so fascinated by the majesty and beauty of the vast expanse of red rock and by what must have been the immense power of the meandering river, that I told myself I had to experience this canyon and that river at closer proximity. I questioned myself over the years why I felt that way so compulsively.

  • In search of Heidi, eating my way through bits of Bhutan

    The Proustian punch of eating food that stirs a nerve is something I have always been on a quest for.

  • Lost at the Prague Castle

    Many say that travelling makes you free, educates you, creates a bigger network that one can benefit from and of course, learn about a foreign culture. I would agree with all that, and add, however, that it also makes you think.

  • Why heavenly Bosnia deserves to be your next travel destination

    Rich in history and natural beauty, the country is relatively cheap to travel across.

  • New AI technologies promise to make travel a little smarter

    The Terminator wants to be your next travel agent.

  • A non-touristy tourist destination

    One of the special aspects about Bhutan is the way they have maintained their tourism industry—they don't overdo it.