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  • Of Stars and More

    Arif Ahmed's passion for paintings and love for cosmological world have turned him into an artist, who had his first solo exhibition titled Science Inspired Paintings at Drik Gallery recently, organised by Unmad.

  • Another Feather in the Cap

    This year we can proudly say that Bangladesh has reached the stars.

  • For the Right to Live with Hope and Dignity

    In the silted islands of the northern districts of Bangladesh, although inhabited by thousands, once upon a time there were no citizen facilities available.

  • The Fierce Fashionista

    Revolutionising fashion in Bangladesh with lavish gowns and exquisite designs is the Russian origin Dhaka based fashion designer

  • Love for Books and Music

    Books and music to calm your soul -- and elements that one can find at Omni bookstores, currently located at Genetic Plaza in

  • The Voices in Brushstrokes

    Known for highlighting social and gender issues in her work, Dilara Begum Jolly is an artist worthy of everyone's note and appreciation.

  • Philosophy in Film

    From being a computer engineering student to one of the most popular film analyst and critic of this generation, Bidhan Ruberu has set an example...

  • Announcing the Winter Weddings!

    It's winter! Not only will one find colourful shawls and fancy jackets walking the streets and riding buses, eating scrumptious pithas...

  • A Trailblazer's Journey

    In the high-tech world of Silicon Valley, ruled by the tech giants like Google, Apple and Facebook, a Bangladeshi youth has emerged as one of the most talented tech entrepreneurs. With his company called Eureka King, Ishtiaq Rahman, now works with some of the

  • Passion for the Beat

    "Quitting my bank job and taking music as a full time profession was the toughest decision I have ever made, but it was the best