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Super Humans Among Us

The incredible feat of breaking 3 baseball bats with one kick is in itself a jaw-dropping phenomenon. Interestingly the man capable of this display of might was once a scrawny adolescent bullied by seniors. However, his lion-like fighting spirit not only allowed him to overcome the bullies but developed into a intense passion to prove himself; leading him to become a “Super Human” of our times. 

Prof. Dr. MAK Yuree Vajramunee, was featured on discovery channel's Super Human Showdown and has earned a place in the world famous Ripley's Believe it or Not archive as the man with the strongest kick in the world. However, Vajramunee places little value on outward, physical displays of strength. According to the grandmaster, what it takes to be a super human is not brute force, aggression or muscle training but mastery over the mind.

Vajramunee expresses that though it is essential to condition the body through physical training and learn to control the mind through meditation, true power emerges when mind and body operate in harmony, “Like the two wings of a bird” in his words. “Today the martial arts are practiced primarily as a sport, hobby or self-defense. But people have lost touch with the true teachings of martial arts which emphasises the balance between mind and body.” 

According to Vajramunee, martial arts is not about learning how to fight as much as it is about learning how to conquer and defeat the enemies within our own minds; our fears, frustrations and inner turbulence. Vajramunee trains his disciples for the battlefield of the mind, where we remain ever engaged in fighting our inner demons.

Mak Yuree is a 10th degree black belt and has become a global icon as the founder of the unique style of martial arts, Butthan. Butthan, first ever formalised Bangladeshi system of martial arts, is a style of close ranging fighting that combines the art of combat through the use of pressure points with a deep emphasis on meditative practices. Vajra Prana is the art of “meditation through movement” which is one of the fundamental exercises of Butthan. Dr. Yuree is currently teaching Butthan to people all around the world. Interestingly, like the Japanese terms one must pick up while training in karate, such as Mawashi-geri, Dr. Yuree is teaching the world Bengali with Butthan, with terms like “Shapta Lathi” (roundhouse kick) and “Shoran” (parry). 

A remarkable feature that distinguishes Butthan from all other styles of martial arts is the tradition of “Jholok Khela”, a game played in the beginning of a Butthan style sparring match. Each contender sets 11 dice on a board with 24 squares and then challenges the opponent to recall the pattern after one glance. The fighter with the more accurate recall wins 2 points while the loser has to start the fight kneeling. “Jholok khela forces the fighters to focus their minds while under the stress and adrenaline of entering a fight.” the Grandmaster explains.

Vajramunee has been hailed in all 5 martial arts halls of fame, and is the first individual from the SAARC nations to appear on the cover of the world's leading martial arts magazine, the Martial Arts Illustrated. He is the direct successor of the Grand Master of Bando Khin Maung Gyi (President South East Asia Bando Association), Myanmar. “I began to learn the deeper, spiritual aspects of martial arts after the master passed over the responsibility to spread his teachings.” 

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