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  • A right to privacy

    This is the digital era and we all have personal information online. But is this safe?

  • Migration Myths vs Economic Facts

    A migrant’s journey

    Helal left his motherland to change his ill fate but ended up suffering cruel realities on his journey.

  • Modern day slavery

    Last week’s Shutterstories “Shumi” has stuck with me. What a miserable life she has! 24 hours a day, seven days a week, she goes on working with no holidays or free time of her own.

  • A Tale of Two Languages

    I wanted to reach out in response to your well written essay illustrating the influence of Persian on the Bengali language.

  • Wake up people

    A few days ago, a video posted on Facebook by one of my seniors at BRAC University went viral. It showed a man who was recording all the girls passing by him on the road that connects our university buildings.

  • Going, going, gone

    Awareness of the fact that tigers are a precious and valuable heritage of our country should be made amongst people.

  • Our duty to the victims of accidents like the Banani fire

    Nobody realises the intense pain of such accidents except for the victims and their families. We have some responsibility to help them overcome their traumatic experience.

  • Banani Fire

    When will the collective psyche of the nation awaken?

    It has been a month since the devastating fire in Chawkbazar took 70 lives and soon after, three new fire infernos in the capital also made headlines—Banani's FR Tower inferno

  • Transport sector in Bangladesh

    Check anarchy in bus transport sector

    Public transport in Dhaka is regarded as of low status and poor service. Poor bus conditions due to lack of maintenance, lack of proper bus stoppages

  • My memory from a time in the past

    I am writing in reference to the above-mentioned article published in your esteemed magazine on March 15.

  • Air pollution is a silent killer

    Most air pollution comes from energy use and production. Carbon dioxide and methane raise the earth's temperature.

  • Call them “differently abled”, not “disabled”

    We make the common mistake of calling a person with disabilities a “disabled person”. When we call someone “disabled”, we focus on their impairments rather than their abilities.

  • Remembering March 26

    March 26 is a day of immense significance for all Bangladeshis. It was on this day in 1971, history was created by declaring the independence of this country.

  • Only laws cannot protect rivers

    Bangladesh is a country of a hundred rivers. But these rivers, the lifeline of the nation, are under huge threat.

  • Hate crime is not a solution

    Most major religions say one should only fight in self-defense. However, hate crimes in the name of religion is nothing new but getting worse with time.

  • Disaster-resilient slums

    It is very heartening to know that some slum dwellers have access to necessary equipment to address disasters by dint of some non government organisations.

  • Summing up Chobi Mela

    I have attended the Chobi Mela for years but never before have I felt the emotions that rose out of me this time.

  • No room for Hindu women

    It is saddening that a large number of Hindu women are deprived of their property rights due to the archaic Hindu Women's Right to Property Act, 1937 and conservative Hindu leaders who don't want any reform of the law.

  • Perception matters

    English as a second language is widely accepted in our country without question. Also, the ability to understand or speak Hindi is common to many Bangladeshis. But, while some people think it's smart to speak that language, others are hesitant or critical towards the use of that language.

  • Granted by the Quran, Denied by Men

    This was such an informative and useful article. Most of the time this issue is bypassed and we don't hear or read much discussion on this topic. It would be great to have a Bangla version of this article for a wider audience on this important topic.

  • The water business in the south west of Bangladesh

    I am very thankful to this story as it is for me, for the people of Satkhira, Khulna and many remote villages in these districts. Water here indeed is very expensive.

  • The Year I Spent Without Bangla

    It was my pleasure to know about your deep relationship with Bangla, our glorious mother tongue. It's definitely a matter of pride and the part and parcel of our everyday life.

  • Expired LPG cylinders are ticking time bombs

    More and more people are getting injured, burnt and dying due to cylinder blasts over the last couple of years.

  • Nimtoli, Chawkbazar—we hope it is the last

    From the recurring incidents it seems like human life is very cheap in our country—either you get crushed under wheels or get burnt by fire no end to tragedy, yet no justice and little compensation.

  • Ekushey Boi Mela young authors

    Every year, young authors appear with new concepts inside colourful covers at the Ekushey Boi Mela.

  • From Patharia to Lusai

    The article on the works of Shahriar Kabir was delightful. I myself got my first SK book as a birthday gift and read it repeatedly. The story set in a foreign land captivated me.

  • Dhaka fire

    How much longer before we learn from tragedy?

    Such horrific tragic incidents take place in our country on a regular basis but the question is how much are we learning from such incidents?

  • Role of a Mother Language

    I have been using an app for the last couple of months to have a conversation in English with people living abroad.

  • Border killing conundrum

    Recently, border killings have been on the rise by the BSF while from our side, BGB has done little to condemn such acts. India and Bangladesh share one of the most porous borders, with

  • Reliable diagnostic labs?

    There are numerous diagnostic centers that have been established in the country which use the latest lab equipment and employ lab technicians.