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  • Black Mirror’s “Miley Cyrus episode” : A better ending to Hannah Montana?

    Any form of television or literature targeted towards female young adults have a few tried and tested tropes—protagonist gets a

  • Tale of two princes

    If you are familiar with Game of Thrones fan theories, you might have heard one that suspects Jaime Lannister is Azor Ahai, a King Arthur-like figure who will rise up to save humanity.

  • The other side of Archie comics

    When Riverdale, a TV series based on ye olde Archie comics released a few years ago, I was quite disappointed. The writing got worse each season, and the show had no humour.

  • From Patharia to Lusai

    The books we read as children have a much stronger influence on us than the ones we read as adults. When I was little, my only goal was to finish one book and get started on the next.

  • Hello, kishor bondhura

    As a child, my one and only after-school activity was reading. I was extremely unathletic and I only got to watch TV for a limited amount of time before the adults in the house took over with their news and Ekta Kapoor shows. None of this was a problem for me, because there were always enough books.

  • Beneath this mask there is an idea

    During the road safety protests last year, a photo of a schoolboy standing in a desolate road with V's mask on became viral. It was seen as an expression of anarchy, a form of protest against an allegedly totalitarian rule.