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  • Towards a bigger dream

    As soon as we stepped onto the basketball court of the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP), we witnessed a truly

  • Heading towards a Common Platform

    “What is the main purpose of your life?” was the most frequently asked question throughout my two and a half month journey during

  • Innovation of a 'Hybrid Car'

    “Hybrid Car”, the term may sound unusual to many, on the whole, it is a multi fuelled vehicle that can switch between a fossil fuel and an alternative fuel source.

  • The Bite behind the News

    Newspaper offices are known for their hectic schedules. People working in one know how everyday assignments and edits can turn

  • The Unsung Heroes

    It is 5 o'clock in the morning. The first light of dawn is still far from the Dhaka sky. Defying the dense fog and a chilly 10 degrees

  • When the heroes built a new bridge …

    In Narayanpur, a quaint little village in Satkhira's Tala upazila, a small colony of a few families struggle with water-logging for eight to

  • For A Better World

    It started with a simple deal. “I said to them, you help us conserve the animals and your environment, that are facing endangerment and

  • Protecting the Future

    Child abuse is no new story in our country. Especially after seeing various child killing incidents just this year, it has been proved to us

  • GTV Fanta Band Top 5 in the making!

    This year marks the launch of the first of its kind reality show in Bangladesh that aims to discover the best pop band formed by...


    With the slogan Ananda o Moja thakuk shobar majhe (let there be joy and fun within everyone), renowned carbonated beverage brand Fanta...