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  • To affiliate or not to affiliate

    Manira Akhter Mitu was a second-year student at the department of economics at Begum Badrunnesa Women’s College, one of the seven graduate and post-graduate level colleges affiliated with Dhaka University (DU).

  • The uphill task to receive an education in the camps

    On a recent visit to the camps, a young Rohingya boy, who proudly wore a bright blue UNICEF backpack, took us to his school.

  • Abuse behind the closed doors of madrasas

    Jahid (not his real name), a nine-year-old boy from Mohammadpur of Magura district, was admitted to Panihata Hafizia madrasa by his father Abdul Aziz.

  • Why blame the observers?

    During the Dhaka University Central Students' Union (Ducsu) and hall union polls on March 11, a group of eight teachers voluntarily carried out the duty of election observers. They reported multiple cases of irregularities and demanded reelection, claiming that the polls were not free and fair.

  • The election at midnight

    The long awaited DUCSU elections concluded on March 11 amidst repeated demands of re-election from almost all quarters.

  • DUCSU Elections 2019: Let's not play with the students

    Currently, Dhaka University (DU) campus is full of excitement and apprehension due to the much-awaited Dhaka University Central Students' Union (DUCSU) and hall union elections.

  • DUCSU election

    Everything you need to know about DUCSU election

    Earlier this week, I learned that many Dhaka University (DU) students have absolutely no clue what DUCSU is. Some have only seen this name being thrown around in memes, some have seen it on a building on campus, but they're not sure what it means.

  • Caught up in red tape

    “Would you dream of being a model teacher? Are you interested to take teaching profession for career building? Do you take it as a challenge to work at rural areas anywhere in Bangladesh?”

  • Are the kids actually alright?

    School and college student protesters have returned to the classroom already but their hearts remain on the streets. Meanwhile, allegations have arisen that some institutions are penalising students for their participation in the student movement that sprung up spontaneously for safer roads.

  • The trouble with unauthorised schools

    Mursalin Kabir, a child of only 11 years, attended three admission tests in the first two weeks of January. After completing his Primary School Completion exam from a primary level kindergarten school

  • QiPileaks claims it leaked question papers

    The rise of the nefarious whistleblowing group QiPileaks has the country of Bangladesh both alarmed and happy.

  • Financing tertiary education

    Every year, after the university admission tests, we find students who score well, but cannot afford their educational expenses, and eventually drop out. Private banks, on the other hand, offer many lucrative loan products for their customers, including education loans.

  • The government's got your tongue

    Years of majoritarian Bangla education means that certain minority communities only speak their mother-tongue, and neither read nor write.

  • When a teacher's finger exposes our hunger for power

    On July 29, 2017, there was a protest event organised by some student organisations at the University of Dhaka. They argued that a senate meeting was being held without student representatives.

  • Are the students collateral damage?

    We are accustomed to students protesting to postpone their exam dates. This time, however, students of seven government colleges took to the streets demanding the announcement of exam dates and timely publishing of their results.

  • The school across the river

    Every time the weather takes a turn for the worse, school-going children in the haor are among the first to be affected.

  • VAT on English-medium schools - A discriminatory proposal?

    Discrimination. This is the word being tossed around to describe the recent decision to institute a VAT of 15 percent on English-medium schools.

  • Curing The Fear of English

    A classroom of grade six with sixty three students crammed into a classroom which can accommodate hardly forty people.

  • The Long Awaited Law

    The most recent national education policy of Bangladesh was enacted in 2010. Since 1971 till date, four education commission

  • Listen to them!

    "This is my last time, God knows what happened, but I am not at all tensed for it. As there is no assurance about equal opportunity for

  • A Day of Science

    When was the last time anyone went to a science fair? Hardly anyone can remember. But, most people certainly have a knack for science.

  • Bangladesh Beats India in Education

    “Beating India in education? In mathematics? I cannot believe it!” said Professor Mohammad Kaykobad, one of Bangladesh's most distinguished scientists, and member of the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee after Bangladesh beat India at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in 2015.

  • A Right or a Commodity?

    Sumaya Sarah has enrolled in an MBA programme in a private university. The tuition fee of the one-year-long MBA programme costs 300,000 takas. Sumaya, the daughter of a retired government officer does not want to impose this burden of tuition fee on her


    Azman Rahman passed his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination this year with 80 percent marks in all subjects. Instead of being overjoyed with his astounding academic performance, which is popularly known as the golden A+, Azman and his parents are passing days with great anxiety.

  • gender_education


    Gender discrimination has been a prevailing problem for years now in South East Asia and is an issue, for which many people use religion as an excuse.