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  • Across The Canvas

    Murtaja Baseer, as the adage goes, is a man who needs no introduction, especially to the aficionados of the modern art scene in Bangladesh.

  • A Workaholic on Vacation

    A Workaholic on Vacation

    Growing up, I never wanted to be a 'holic' of any sort. Terms began with 'alcoholic' and then many began sprouting up- 'chocoholic', 'shopoholic' and what not. Since the first one I heard was 'alcoholic', I assumed anything that makes you a 'holic' must be bad.

  • Revolutionising Qurbani

    With the onset of a generation of virtual reality users, and with online shops becoming an important part of our lives, Eid-ul-Adha - the festival of sacrifice - is enjoying a renaissance.

  • Thinking of Careers

    We have come a long way today and think of a career beyond medical, engineering and architecture – all noble professions of course. Today we have corporates, accountants and marketing professionals on the rise.

  • Back to Basics

    Phones are what peoples' lives, in this day and age, revolve around. From the most private of details, to the most exclusive of news

  • No Bachelors Please!

    Single and unmarried people who have been living in Dhaka for work or education, without their families, have to go through an ordeal when it comes to finding a place to live.

  • Surviving the Disaster

    This year, one of the most devastating floods in the last ten years of Bangladesh has affected 3.4 million people mostly in the northern districts of the country.

  • The City's Oasis

    Ramna Park is called the lungs of Dhaka City. With 68.50 acres of land adorned with 211 species of trees and a huge tranquil lake...

  • The Tiger's Last Stand

    Bengal Tigers in the Sundarbans are the only tigers in the world that live in the saline, swampy environment of a mangrove forest.

  • Where did we go wrong?

    When four Bangladeshi youths appeared in a video and threatened more terrorist attacks like the one that took place in Gulshan, the