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  • Her Business Revolution

    Seven years ago, Sazia Hasan Izu, a second-year student of home economics from the University of Dhaka, could not have imagined that she was going to shape her profession as a businesswoman by selling her grandmother’s homemade oil for hair fall solution. But

  • The power of SMEs

    When you think of starting a business in Bangladesh, you almost immediately think of exploring your options in the garments sector. You might even take the risk of venturing into the food business or any other 'tested and tried' sector that is bound to give an instant reward.

  • Bangladesh at 2018 Sentiments that will drive the Year

    Predicting the future is rarely an easy task, but even partial indications of what would happen can give you a significant strategic edge. Hence, we are excited to launch the Business Confidence Index which gives you a sneak peak into what the private sector of Bangladesh is thinking—which industries are businesses most optimistic about? Which sectors may face difficulties? How do they feel about the profitability of their own enterprises? Where do they see the opportunity space for Bangladesh and what are the greatest challenges?