Star Wedding Twenty 17

Star Wedding Twenty 17

LS SPECIAL / Lovely gifts for the Newlyweds

When you are close to the couple, you may already know something that their heart desires. But at the same time, you may not have the budget to get them that dream present.


If you were to pick a favourite amongst all the activities, I am sure most would opt for the shopping spree, because there simply cannot be anything second to the delight of the experience.

Spotlight / The ultimate wedding check list

Get your guest list ready for the holud, mehendi, and wedding. Decide on the venues based on the guest list. Draw up a list of preferred venues. Collect the names of contact persons and numbers for finalising the venues.

Shop Special / Shoe… and the clutch too…

One must not only think style and glamour, while selecting the shoes, keep comfort in mind (as it should be an important feature to consider); and make the handbag chic!

Spotlight / All aboard on a shopping spree

Bangladesh, for the best shopping destinations You thought Bangladesh was only famous for its hospitality and food? Erroneous observation! There are so many other things that this beautiful country is celebrated for; shopping being one of the most prominent.

Wedding special / Bottom's up your wedding shoe guide

It's that time of the year again – the big day is coming towards you at full throttle and there's a hundred different things that you are running after. But, have you had the time to pick out your shoes for the wedding yet?

WEDDING SPECIAL / Skincare tips for the bride and the groom -to-be

Many a youth dream about their weddings their whole lives. And why not? Marriage signifies the transition into a beautiful new life when two souls become one. And the day this special bond comes into being is worthy of a celebration!

Wedding special / Flawless and bright skin on D-day!

Get appointment with an aesthetician or a dermatologist to address any skin issues that you have been facing including acne, hyperpigmentation or fine lines – ideally six months in advance. The doctor will help in customising a month-by-month regimen to help attain the perfect skin goals.

A Classic Wedding

Choosing the right outfit for one's wedding, in a nutshell, is complicated. Right after getting engaged the bride gets giddy with excitement over her impending wedding and puts all her plans in motion right away. Her outfit has got to be the most exquisite, most beautiful and one of a kind. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, she begins the search with her entourage in tow. Little does she know what awaits her! While it is expected to be the most thrilling experience, sometimes it is really not so rosy.

Perfumes for your wedding

Wedding photos and videos and endless social network streams may have become the de facto method of keeping memories, but to remember the occasion in a unique manner, why not go for a perfume? Olfactory memory is a key