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Star People


In the world of sculpting, Ferdousy Priyobhashini needs no introduction. Being one of the eminent sculptors of current times, Priyobhashini has created a diverse genre through her unique ways. Priyobhashini was honoured with the title 'Hero' by the Reader's Digest magazine in its December 2004 issue for the valour she displayed in acknowledging herself as a war-victim. Her other awards include Chadernath Podok, Ananna Shirshow Podok, Silver Jubilee Award by YWCA, Human Rights Award by Manabadhikar Sangstha and many more.

Born in 1947, in the district of Khulna; she got her unique name from her grandfather. At a young age, she received a lot of prizes for various competitions from Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haq. “A K Fazlul Haq used to live just a couple of blocks away from our house. Though I received a number of prizes from him, I was always scared of his giant figure,” says Priyobhashini. Being a book worm, she considered herself to be the happiest woman in the world when she received books as prizes. 

Priyobhashini started sculpting when she lived in Jessore during 1984-1988. She started to decorate her house with bamboos and other natural elements which attracted a lot of visitors. “My house soon turned into some kind of a 'tourist spot' for visitors. When famous individuals such as Kanika Banargee, Alam Dutta, S M Sultan, Wahidul Haque and Sanjida Khatun admired my work of art, I realised I can give sculpting a chance,” says Priobhashini. What started as a pastime made Priyobhashini one of the best in her field. 
Priyobhashini thinks it is a very good sign that more women are now getting into different sectors of art. “In my opinion, gender is not a factor when it comes to art. But I feel proud that even after getting the trademark as the weaker sex, many women have come out of it and proved themselves in many fields.”

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