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  • Poushmela 1425 in Shantiniketan

    Shantiniketan Poushmela

    Merry Christmas (belated though!), and a very happy new year to all! I finished my year (2018) with a polemical trip to Shantiniketan Pouhsmela—my first ever.

  • Translating Man of La Mancha

    In one of my recent write ups in this column I made a promise (perhaps more to myself than to my readers) to translate Man of La Mancha, a very successful Broadway musical production of the present time.

  • What's in the theater?

    Thus in Greek city states, especially for Athenian citizens, it is rumored, watching theater was mandatory. But that was fine with city states with a handful of population.

  • Nagorik's latest stage production Open Couple

    Nagorik Natya Sampradaya is the pioneer of regular staging of plays in exchange of tickets after the country emerged as a sovereign and independent nation-state in the world map as Bangladesh. The word Bangladesh had a magic touch to the majority of people in Bangladesh which inspired us to break the barrier in the fields of art, culture, literature and theatre. Nagorik Natya Sampradaya was established during the later part of 1968 in the then Pakistan.

  • The Mud

    These are some exclusive snaps from the Iranian theatre group "The Crazy Body", performing their play "The Mud", from "Bot Tola Rongo Mela 2016". It was the part of the initiative "Dharitri o Manob Hotta Birodhi Muktir Utshob."

  • A Gist of 'Shakespeare Lives'

    Recently, Dhaka University's Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, in collaboration with the British Council Bangladesh...