12:00 AM, March 21, 2015 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:05 PM, April 30, 2015


The Daily Star has just celebrated its 24th birthday last Friday. While we are doing this week's cover on all the celebrities who graced this event, they weren't the only ones who made the night special. It's a sad fact that we can include the pictures of every celebrity who attended the function as we simply don't have the space to accommodate it. The event was also graced by all the A-listers from almost every other field in the country; be it business, politics, academic, etc.

This special cover story goes out to all the celebrities who really shone that night. We wish we could involve people from other fields as well as they weren't far behind any of the celebrities either, but again space constraints restrict us from featuring them as well. This massive attendance shows that people truly love and appreciate The Daily Star.

This love and support comes from the 24 years of bravery and impartiality with which we presented the news of the country and in fact the world, to our readers. We have had constant struggles and battles throughout the 24 years we have existed and continue even to this day, but despite that, we are still here and we are still doing what we do best and this is why we still have the love and support of our readers. Of Course the credit for this goes to our leader, Mahfuz Anam and all the hardworking members of The Daily Star family.

Star Showbiz is the newest addition to this prestigious establishment and what we need to further grow is more love and support from our readers as only they can help us improve even further.

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