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Bobby Strikes with Bijli

August 12, 2017

With her first venture being 'Khoj – The Search' in 2010, it didn't take long for everyone to know Bobby's name. Establishing herself as a dominant actress in every role she plays, she has garnered quite the success during her relatively short time in the silver screen. After 'Dehorokkhi' in 2013, she never had to look back. She kept on wowing the fans with films like 'Hero: The Superstar', 'Rajotto', 'Full and Final' and 'Rajababu – The Power'. Her latest movie 'Bijli', directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury, is expected to be released this Eid-ul-Azha. 'Bijli' also marks Bobby's first venture as a film producer. In an exclusive interview, the breakout star shares her thoughts and experience.

Your career in films started in 2010. It has been 7 years since then. How has the journey been thus far?

All journeys are full of fun and challenges. I had my fair share of both fun and challenges ever since I started this journey. My family never wanted me to work in show business. After working on Full and Final with Shakib Khan, my parents finally gave me the freedom to act in films.

How did you deal with such restrictions over the years? 

There are restrictions everywhere, be it business, desk jobs or even professional acting. I had to overcome quite a lot of restrictions to build myself as an actress. Overcoming such hurdles and keeping on moving forward is the true meaning of success.

You have acted with Shakib Khan in a total of four films. What do you think of that experience?

Shakib Khan is undeniably the best actor of our country. All actresses dream of working in a film with him. And here I am, in four films with him, and all of them substantial successes on their own. Such an accomplishment is truly a defining aspect of my career. 

Tell us a few things about your latest film Bijli. 

This film has been a dream project of mine. My first experience as a producer begins with this film, and it is also going to be the first superhero-themed film of Dhallywood. The audience will see me as a super-powered character similar to Superman or Spider-Man. There have been a lot of risks that arose during the making of this film, but we had to work around them eventually.

In Bijli you have worked with Satabdi Roy. Tell us about your experience regarding that.

I can only say good things about Satabdi Roy. In Bijli the audience will see her in a villainous role. She has utilized a variety of expressions and techniques to make herself stand out as a notable villain. Such dedication would motivate any actors at trying harder and grow more respect towards the passion of acting, as it did for me. I am also very impressed at how she talks and conducts herself. I have really learned a lot from her.

Recently, there has been an influx of Indian actresses getting role in Dhallywood movies. Do you think this is harming the chances of Bangladeshi actresses from getting good roles in the future?

I definitely do not think so. Rather, I believe this is going to raise the competition. Having competition from non-Bangladeshi actresses is going to motivate the local actresses even further. However, the authorities do need to make sure that the foreign actors are following the rules and regulations of our film industry. Respective authorities also need to pay heed to the emphasis local actresses receives, which can never be diminished no matter what.

What do you do in your spare time?

I listen to songs quite a lot. The sad songs are the ones I especially like, even when I don't feel sad myself. I am also a huge fan of movies.

Is there any specific role or character you want to act as in the future?

If I have to mention one role, it has to be the character Bobita ma'am portrayed in the film The Father. If I could ever act in that role, I would consider myself extremely grateful.

Interviewed by Zahid Akbar

Transcribed by Shams Rashid Tonmoy