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Sassy Sabila

Young and vibrant actor Sabila Nur personifies the bright, yet soft sunshine of the spring. Her smiles, attitude and striking confidence can give anyone a run for their money. She irradiates positive energy throughout her candid interview with Rafi Hossain, where she pours her heart out and talks about her aspirations with grace and elegance.

Photo: Shahrear Kabir Heemel, Makeup: Que Bella; Wardrobe: Ecstasy

How did you start your journey in the media?

My career started with modeling in 2010. I was selected for a TVC. I was very nervous during my first TVC shoot. Eventually things got easier and I realized that I find solace in front of the camera and this is what I want to do besides my studies. My mood brightens up whenever I read a good script.


Tell us about your recent projects.

I worked in a lot of dramas during Eid-ul-Fitr. Among them some were critically acclaimed.  The audiences also loved them and I am happy for it. Apart from that, I am studying Bachelor of Arts in English at BRAC University. So I have to devote a considerable amount of time to my studies as well.


How do you adapt to new roles?

I practice my dialogues in front of the mirror. My elder sister acted in theater previously. She gives me a lot of constructive feedback. Moreover, I am aware that my Bengali pronunciation needs improvement, so I am working on that too.


Our media is going through a difficult phase, as we are gradually losing audience. What is your take on that?

Well, I do not think we are losing the audience. During this Eid, the viewers focused more on the FIFA World Cup rather than on our Eid programs. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that our Eid dramas were watched and highly appreciated by people everywhere. Not only in television, people these days, even watch Bangladeshi dramas on YouTube.


Do you think our television industry is losing audience as YouTube and other social media are taking over?

Television shows come up with a lot of advertisements and so people prefer YouTube and other popular media channels. Moreover, everyone has smartphones in their hands and so they prefer watching everything there instead of sitting in front of the TV. I think television will not fade away, but in near future some specific programs will be shown on TV while others will be shifted to YouTube.


You said previously that you are not interested in movies. Why?

It is not that I am not interested, but I want to wait for the right time till I brush up my acting skills. Movies take up a lot more time than dramas. In future if I am offered a good role I will certainly do it. I already got a lot of offers, but as I am busy with my studies it is difficult to manage time for now.


Why do you think our film industry is lagging behind?

First and foremost, budget is a vital issue here. Secondly, the story and the script also need to meet certain standards. Take Aynabaji for example. It was a massive hit and people loved it. Recently, Poramon 2 got released and people are watching this movie as well. Siam, the hero of Poramon 2, primarily belonged to the television industry and yet people have recognized him as a mainstream film hero. So, with a good script and a decent budget good films can be made.


How do you deal with the issue of negative publicity and how do you positively motivate youngsters to deal with these adversities?

I am not in a position to advise someone because I am still learning how to deal with rumors and negative publicity. I still get upset while reading hateful comments on social media. I take criticism positively, but derogatory personal comments upset me. I am learning from my seniors how to deal with these issues.


Name your favorite actors in the industry?

Suborna Mustafa, Mosharraf Karim, Afran Nisho, Ziaul Faruque Apurbo and Aporna Ghosh are my favorites.

You did not mention any name from your generation.

(Giggles) Siam, I would say. I have done most of my works with him and he is a friend too.


What are your plans for the future? Would you like to try out something new besides your present status as an actor and a model?

I want to act in good dramas and thus evolve as an actor. Other than that, I want to pursue dancing in future. I learned Katthak during my childhood and participated in a number of dance shows in Shilpokola Academy as a child artiste. My mentors were Kochi Rahman and Shahidul Islam Babu. Since shooting and studying takes up a lot of my time, it is hard to focus on dancing now.


People usually do not take dancing as their profession and they move towards acting? What do you think is the reason behind this?

We do not have many dance shows on TV these days. So in order to get exposure people focus on acting. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that this situation will change in the future if youngsters take dancing seriously.


People are more inclined to choose other professions these days, rather than working in the media? What is your take on this?

It is not true. There are many who have taken acting as their full time profession and this is what they do for their living.

What would be your two cents to youngsters who want to join the media?

I would definitely encourage them only if they have the passion to work in media. I would advise them to be punctual because punctuality is the first key to success. Secondly, I would advise them to hone their skills because practice makes people perfect. Since we youngsters are not from theatres these days, we can practice dialogues in front of the mirror or recite poems. Practice is essential.


It was nice talking to you.  Would you like to say something to your fans?

Thanks a lot or your support and watch Bengali dramas more. Thank you.