TV SHOW REVIEW / Downsides of one (almost) successful robbery

The Primetime Emmy Award nominee Christina Hendricks has that unique charm of confusing anyone in Good Girls. You never know when she is joking and when her head is steaming.

TV SHOW REVIEW / Back to robots dabbling in philosophy

From the get go, this season shows us the extent of the fractured timelines for this season. They turn it from a plot twist to the central mystery. We are shown separate timelines, from the perspective of several key characters. We are then left to wonder what's happening when and how it'll all unfold and fit together.

Reasons to love Ittyadi

Ittyadi shares the same position as khichuri on a rainy day in a Bangladeshi household. Since the show has been going on for over 25 years now, it has seen its viewership swell. My parents introduced me to the show when I was a child.

Nuanced, Colourful and Memorable

Star vs. the Forces of Evil, crudely abbreviated as SvtFoE, is the most recent major Disney show that met its conclusion last May after airing for four seasons. As regrettably cheesy as the name sounds, the show did hold a memorable place in Disney’s arsenal of mostly forgettable shows.

A different take on a classic sitcom premise

Netflix in Bangladesh really opens up a whole new expanse of shows to the general populace. Shows that would never make it to mainstream TV channels here are now available to those who want something different. And Derry Girls is one show that really hits that description.

Here's my “Thank You” to Gravity Falls

Out of all the generic animated shows we have become accustomed to throughout the course of the past few years, Gravity Falls is something that we viewers would love to call a breath of fresh air.

You and romantic stalkers

Romantic dramas and YA novels are known for many things, including romanticising abusive relationships. We've all seen or read about that male protagonist; the mysterious, brooding guy with a dark past who's manhandling and belittling the female protagonist at every turn.

Animals from cartoon shows as pets

Of course you've spent hours in front of the TV watching classic cartoons and wishing your life could be just as fun. And because almost all cartoon shows have animals as pets, this is how it would be if you had a cartoon character in your house.

Strange TV shows from our childhoods

Childhood memories usually stay in the perimeter of family trips, having fun with friends, the first time doing something we're not supposed to do and would most certainly get in trouble for, getting the highest marks on an exam, etc.

The cruiserweight division: why do we need it?

Last year, WWE announced the Cruiserweight Classic. During the breath-taking tournament and before the final match, Triple H announced that the winner would become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion and that they were bringing back the cruiserweight division.

Back to lazy superhero shows

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, the unyielding girl, the man with unbreakable skin and the sworn protector of K'un-Lun — an ensemble of heroes you did not know or care about until MCU's bold ventures into the TV screen.

The best TV adaptation of a video game

Netflix has just released the first season of Castlevania, an animated TV show based on the classic series of horror-fantasy themed action-adventure video games created and developed by Konami.

Book to Television Done Right

HBO has become notorious for creating and airing brilliantly written, directed, and acted out television shows.