Trash To Treasure

Trash To Treasure


How would you feel to have the silent guardian, the Dark Knight watching over you? For this, all you would need to do is get a box of string lights...


Imagine a life without mirrors: the gentle reminder of your self-pride and beholder of your beautiful reflection.

TRASH TO TREASURE / Pretty phone covers

It's safe to say that most of you would back me up when I say majority of the budget phones or the not-so-sophisticated gadgets we...

TRASH TO TREASURE / Because every picture deserves a frame

Many a times you may have found yourself examining the shelves of artisan stores, looking for the perfect frame for a treasured memory captured in a photograph. You find one too. You look at the price tag and you're forced to put it back.

TRASH TO TREASURE / Revamping Notebooks

Going back to school is the ride where halfway through we're all going down the same old rabbit-hole, begging for a break.


In light of the era of USB sticks and wireless transfers, we all have that one drawer full of completely non-functional CDs to which we are too attached and can't let go of. If you want to say goodbye yet savour bits of it as memoirs, here is how to kill them gloriously.

TRASH TO TREASURE / Plastic Can Be Fantastic

What if I told you there is an unsung hero of immense potential that you toss into the trash every single day?

TRASH TO TREASURE / The Ultimate Wardrobe Solution: Refashion

“I have nothing to wear” – how often have you heard yourself say that facing a stuffed closet? That's right, every day. If you want your closet to always remain full of possibilities yet go easy on your pockets, abide by one simple rule: refashion.

Putting the 'New' back in the Newspaper

It's Thursday morning. You're sifting through the pages of today's SHOUT.

Once upon a time, it was a jar

If there is one thing that's been abundantly lying around in your kitchen, stuffing up the cabinets and blockading your refrigerator, it's the infamous jar.

When summer gives you lemons, squeeze them dry

We are back at that time of the year when we have to wake up to the sweltering, humid mornings of summer.

Cheats for a Desk Makeover

There is always that moment of dire distress when we know that we've got all the work in the world piled up for us, we know we're going to be yelled at for missing those deadlines but we cannot seem to get through with finishing it.

Make Your Own Candles

This DIY is super easy, requires no expense and is perfect if you're bored and definitely broke.