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First date

“I see you haven’t touched your food yet.”

She was eyeing him gulping down his food. Aria always hated the weird way the face contorted when a person chewed their food. There he was, sitting in front of her, just carelessly devouring everything. How could he? The small crumbs stuck on the corner of his lips disgusted her further.

“Do you not like what you ordered? You could try some of mine if you want. It’s really good,” he asked again as she seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

“Oh, no. It’s not that. I just don’t eat that much. I think I’ll take the food home to eat it later. I just hate wasting.”

He had the audacity to offer her his touched food? This is why Aria initially wanted to go for coffee in the evening but he insisted on taking her out on a proper meal. So, now they were seated at a posh Gulshan restaurant. She couldn’t explain her reason as to why she didn’t want to have lunch with him as they barely knew each other and this was just the first date. Now she will probably have to wait 3 more hours to have her lunch and she was famished.

“So, what kind of TV shows do you like?”

His attempt of trying to stir a conversation just seemed pathetic to her. How do all the romantic movies have these perfect first dates? Isn’t the conversation just supposed to flow naturally?

“I’m not really into TV shows that much. I just can’t keep up with them. I watched this really great documentary on global warming and its effect on the modern economy yesterday though; if that counts.”

She knew exactly how he would respond to her answer and she was bracing herself for it.

“Are you serious? You watch documentaries? Who watches documentaries? Okay, listen. You have to watch this show called XYZ. It’s the best show out there.”

This was how it always went. All these guys with their generic taste in music and shows would try to introduce her to “better” things. She didn’t even pay attention to the name of the show he mentioned because it was all the same. What part of “I can’t keep up with TV shows” does not go inside their thick skulls?

“So, other than documentaries what else interests you?”

“I guess I spend most of my free time painting and reading. What do you do?”

“My job makes it difficult for me to have any time for myself really. I work 6 days a week. I usually spend my nights watching movies and TV shows. To be honest, it was difficult to even find time to have lunch with you but I just found you so fascinating that I had to make time. I don’t know how to explain this. When I saw your profile I just knew I had to go out with you. I understand we haven’t even had a proper conversation yet and honestly, my attempt at stirring one has just been pathetic so far. But, I promise you won’t be disappointed in giving this a chance. ”

Aria had evidently blushed as her date went on, “Now, don’t be scared. I usually don’t come off this strong. I don’t know why I even mentioned this on the first date. I don’t even go out on dates, you see?”

She noticed the way his eyes crinkled waiting for her to say something. He had dimples on his face even without smiling. She realised she liked that.

“Maybe, after desserts we can try and find time to have our second date? What’s your favourite dessert by the way?” Aria finally replied.


Tasnim Odrika likes pineapple on pizza and is willing to fight anyone who opposes her on this. Reach her at


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