Realisations that hit us too late at university

You know how we always realise the mistakes we make only when it is too late for us to undo them? Well, it turns out that this instinctive habit of ours ends up haunting our university life as well. In fact, this is where we actually learn to cope with our blunders and to tackle their consequences. But in case you do not want to end up in such situations where you need to make the mistake first before coming to understand the gravity of it, I have you covered.


For the first few semesters, things will seem fine. The courses will seem interesting and enjoyable. Your field of study will seem easier than you initially thought. But then, one fine semester, things will take a 180° turn and start heading south for you. At this stage, no matter the actual problem, you will probably throw the blame at your field of study, your major or more commonly, your department. You will find yourself at a stage where you can't even switch your department or major. Even if you do, you need to start from the very beginning with the fear that you may not go on to like this new field of interest either.


To be honest, it won't take you that long to realise this one. You end up missing a few 8 am classes, lose track of what's going on, get yourself in the list of names who won't be allowed to sit for the final exams due to the low attendance, and BAM! You come to terms with the mistake you had made by taking classes so 'early' in the morning. Yet, you will surely repeat this mistake the following semester by telling yourself that you can manage your sleep cycle and wake up for an 8 am class.


The choice of friends and acquaintances vary from individual to individual. You might find yourself in a circle of friends where the majority prefer to enjoy life to the fullest as they ignore their studies and other responsibilities as a student. You, on the other hand, prefer to focus on your academics instead of being all lively and reluctant. This, however, should not be an excuse to cut off ties with your friends. You could have kept your friendship and academics far apart from one another. But you didn't.


Almost everyone tries to involve themselves with clubs and other extracurricular activities when they start university thinking that this will enhance their CV. But many consider this to be unnecessary and an extra burden that one could do without. Plus, not everyone enjoys socialising with club peers, especially when they pretend to be of a superior class just because they joined the club a semester before you. However, not being part of such activities does affect you in the long run and the only time you get to realise this is when it's too late.


Let's be honest, this realisation hits us at the end of almost every semester and also when we get our grades. This isn't really a big issue. Everyone faces a bad semester every once in a while. But when you see that this is happening repeatedly, and you fail to rectify the situation, you should seriously reconsider giving your academic life a reboot or at least try and identify where you are going wrong.

Better late than never, but at least now you know where things could go wrong.


Faisal wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. To survive university is his real test, to graduate is his cause. Send him memes and motivation at [email protected]


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