Is popularity a high school myth?

The concept of popularity seems like an extra ordeal to the chaotic rat race that the last couple of years of secondary schooling is. 

The appeal of coffee culture in a tea-loving nation

With the growing popularity of practices such as ‘me time’ and ‘solo dates’, more and more young people are looking for a table for one.

Be an Ambassador!

One thing that this generation has been blessed with is the plethora of endless opportunities! And campus ambassador programs

Transitioning from school to university

The alarm rings, it is 10 AM. You think to yourself, “No more early morning classes.” School is over and university has started, propelling you towards a whole new world.

The World of Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai, often dubbed as the new Miyazaki of Japanese animation, has put out a fair amount of work in his 20-year long career. Here's a review on the animator's career as he is possibly busy arranging more trains for his upcoming film.

How to deal with resurfaced pictures

Everybody has done something in the past that they're not entirely proud of. Be it a ridiculous haircut, embracing a goth look or simply being friends with the wrong crowd,

Life / When Dhaka Stands Still

If you have never had to travel in Dhaka after a (not so) heavy shower, I envy your life. The purpose of this article is to tell you what happens if you dare to go to Dhanmondi from Motijheel on such a day.