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  • Finding the best in advertisement

    On December 24, 2017, the grand finale of Berger ADwiz 2017 was held in Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan 2. The role of advertisement has been recognised as one of the most important factors in the business arena

  • Schoolsmart minute challenge -Keeping you on the edge of your seat

    The amazing show continued its excellent strike into week 7, as the little geniuses of Sunbeams and Uttara High School and College went head to head.

  • SchoolSmart Minute Challenge - A reality game show with little masters

    Week 5 of this amazing show began as Salman and Safa presided over the nail-biting competition between Green Gems International and Nawab Habibullah Model School.

  • Volunteers act first

    Volunteers – crisis managers and life savers at the time of need. Nothing short of superheroes, one might add. Their most defining quality is that they act first. And to acknowledge their courageous and selfless contributions, every year on December 5, the United Nations observes the International Volunteer Day.

  • SchoolSmart Minute Challenge

    It was week three of SchoolSmart Minute Challenge; Salman and Safa were back with the favourite show for school students. This time it was Mastermind versus Rajuk Uttara.

  • bKash looks to strengthen its team of GenNEXT Leaders

    In September and October of 2016, representatives of senior management from bKash hosted recruitment talks and seminars about the GenNEXT Leader Management Trainee Programme at several universities in order to introduce the company's business profile.

  • SchoolSmart Minute Challenge

    How hard can stacking erasers be on a scale that's in your mouth? Quite hard, as we found out during the first week of SchoolSmart Minute Challenge, an initiative of Apex Footwear Limited where school students in classes 3 to 7 compete against each other

  • Olympiad preparation guide

    As winter approaches, so does Olympiad season. With so many on the horizon, now would be a good time to start preparing. Who knows, you might even end up representing Bangladesh in an International Olympiad.

  • The Coach Futsal Fest 2017 comes to an end

    On November 3-4, 2017, The Coach hosted “Wings presents The Coach Futsal Fest 2017” powered by Unisel Bangladesh, an inter-institutional futsal tournament. The Coach let its students volunteer as well as experience working in teams and also attain leadership qualities.

  • IBA, DU welcomes its newest BBA batch

    On October 27, 2017, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka arranged the Freshers' Reception Programme (affectionately called Fresherz) for its newest BBA Batch, BBA 25th.