12:00 AM, September 13, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, September 13, 2018



More often than not, I see university freshers or those who are about to graduate worry over what they are going to do in the job market regarding their talents. While we sit around wondering where or what our talents are, a very important trait is often missed from the conversation and that's professionalism. People automatically assume that it comes with the job but unfortunately, that's not the case. If you constantly feel that you need to make excuses for your lack of commitment or failure to complete tasks on time, that's where the deal-breaker is. It's better to have someone who's minimally talented but highly professional rather than someone who has bags of talent but is unreliable. Commitment and enthusiasm goes a long way.

– Rumman R Kalam, In-charge, SHOUT