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  • Song Writing Made Easy

    A chord is one of the first things any beginner has to learn and this is a good tool for understanding how songs are written. Irrespective of your experience with song writing, Chords Progression Reference is sure to pique your curiosity.

  • Beauty at your fingertips

    Do you know what beauty is? Have you ever wanted to experience all the beauty that the real world and our imagination have to offer?

  • Dude, did you record that?

    If you're like me and you run a Xiaomi or any of the new age Chinese smart phones, then you know that the built-in voice recording tool isn't very good. This is because all of these phones have noise cancellation enabled, doesn't allow for microphone calibration, and the sample rate is set to 16 kHz. All of this means that the output you get from these default recorders is criminally bad. This is where apps like “Smart Recorder – High quality voice recorder” make a significant difference.

  • Play away the puzzles

    If you are someone who loves wasting countless hours figuring out solutions to challenging puzzles, “Brain It On!” should be on your to-play list. Orbital Nine Games brings a super minimalistic game that combines the laws of basic physics with a really simple game design yet manages to provide with countless hours of fun.

  • The Ultimate Lyrics Dispensary

    Having a hard time listening to what the vocalist is saying? Are thoughts of those pesky lyrics keeping you up at night? Then you do yourself a disservice by not downloading the “Genius” app.

  • Packing Made Easy

    Packpoint is a simple application which helps you pack for your travels hassle-free. The UI is simple and barebones enough for anyone to pick up on easily. After inputting your location of visit and the duration

  • Counting stars on your phone

    If you've ever wanted to view stars, constellations, and planets of the night sky without ever having to go outside then look no further than Star Chart. It's a location (GPS) based application which helps to view all that is available in space. So from whichever viewing angle you see your phone from, the application will automatically show the stars or planets in that direction.


    Are you tired of using the same Instagram filters? Do you want your selfies to stand out? Do you want to look cooler than you are in real life? Then this is the app for you.

  • Be your own band

    Have a knack for vocal harmonies, but don't have the technical prowess to put together and edit a cappella videos? Or perhaps you know how to play multiple instruments and want to show off your musical talent on social media? If it's either of the aforementioned situations, you're going to love the Acapella Maker.

  • Don't let your phone distract you

    If you are the kind of person who is usually caught fiddling with a smart phone like you have nothing else to do in this world, then this is the game for you. It does absolutely nothing.