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  • Knowing what you are feeling

    Are you confused about your life? Do you want to know why you can't make more informed decisions like whether you should wear red pants with a red t-shirt? Are you struggling with your job or your love-life? Then this app is perfect for you, sort of.

  • One password to remember them all

    Today's rising security threats has all of us setting up different passwords for our various social media accounts, and it can be quite a hassle to remember so many passwords.

  • Learn languages

    Are you enthusiastic about learning new languages? Are you, perhaps, a film connoisseur who likes watching foreign lingual movies? Or


    Tired of seeing your guitarist friends show off their guitar tuning apps? Are you new at this musical instrument business and don't know how to tune your four-string hipster magnet?

  • Run for your life

    “Zombies, Run!” is a rather dramatic shift to a regular running app, with engaging zombie apocalypse based storylines. It's basically designed to make running more motivating since the thrilling missions are engrossing and help a user run accordingly.

  • Relaxing sounds for every mood

    Imagine yourself lying on the beach, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Or perhaps, you light a campfire on a cold winter night in the forest listening to the owls hooting over the crackle of burning

  • Set. Follow. Achieve.

    At the beginning of each year, I see people around me setting goals like “Will fight two tigers with bare hands” and it makes me feel bad about making certain life choices (i.e. keeping them around me).

  • Team building made easy

    Unless you're a really lucky person, you probably had to work on a group project at some point in your life.

  • Lifting strong

    StrongLifts 5x5 is possibly one of the best fitness apps out there. It's not only a pseudo-training journal, but also a built in long term training programme that guides you through your training sessions like a personal trainer.

  • Grow your forest of productivity

    If you've ever found yourself sneaking into your phone to check how many reactions you got on your Facebook post when you are