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  • Ghibli’s Last Bow

    When Marnie Was There, nominated for the Japanese Academy Prize for Animation of the Year 2015, is rumoured to be the last Studio Ghibli film, news which will surely come as a blow to many anime fans around the world.

  • The return of Dragon Ball and Digimon

    Anime is a global thing now. But back when anime wasn't so mainstream, there were a few shows that slowly opened anime to a wider audience.

  • Guilty Crown: Delving into Human Nature

    Most protagonists in animes make mistakes but then recover in almost no time.

  • Claymore


    Horror and mystery go together, certainly. But adding emotional aspects to them takes courage along with skills.

  • Parasyte

    Parasyte: The Maxim

    With winter 2014 came the anime adaptation of “Parasyte: The Maxim”, from the manga of the same name.

  • Mushi-Shi

    Mushishi, in one word, is a very rich attempt at the genre of occult detective. It contains largely ambiguous themes, leaving the door