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  • What makes Attack on Titan such a good anime

    The final season of the anime series is set to air this week.

  • Back for another run

    Psycho Pass went off air in 2014 with the end of its second season. This was followed by a movie in 2015 and another movie-trilogy in early 2019. The show then gave fans what they’ve been asking for a long time—a third season.

  • Slice of Life Animation

    Domics: Dominic Panganiban, or better known as Dom, started the YouTube channel “Domics” back in 2012.

  • Eat, Do the Right Thing, Sleep, Repeat

    I’ve never thought that I would get hooked to an anime where the whole plot revolved around a particular class of students that have been assigned to assassinate a teacher while the teacher simultaneously tries to teach the students of that class while avoiding the

  • Of Nostalgia and Childhood

    Devoid of any action, drama, mystery or a witty screenplay, Mirai, is an anime movie set with quite a plain storyline. However, it has one thing sprawling dexterously in every moment of the story and that is emotion.


    It's given how – for most of us at least – a far better experience is to watch an anime screening than to read its print counterpart. The motion pictures mean better fight scenes to get hooked to, better animation to rave about and better soundtrack for our playlists.


    The My Hero Academia (MHA) series has already set itself apart from the more mainstream and generic shonen anime. Its well-designed plot and brilliant characters help in making it a definite contender for the number one sport alongside the likes of Naruto, Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball.

  • Underrated Anime Couples

    This article is not about your traditional romantic couple that everyone worships. It is about those couples that we sometimes forget. Let's get to it then.

  • 5 sports anime you have to watch

    The anime world is diverse. Starting from horror to covering genres of thriller, science fiction, humor, and even sports. Especially sports. Because for a lot of kids out there

  • Anime with random plots that you'll love

    Sometimes, even for an otaku, a brilliant psycho-thriller or a tearful shoujo anime gets boring. It's like eating the same banquet everyday and you are begging for a much simpler change of food. And the sunny changes might be the following animes:

  • 5 psycho thriller anime you need to check out

    The psycho-thriller genre is one of those that have provided the anime fans with the most epic plotlines and characters. Almost every character in psycho-thriller anime, whether they are a protagonist, antagonist or just a supporting character, always has a unique and emotional appeal to the fans.

  • The ultimate Alice in Wonderland spin-off

    When you think of Alice in Wonderland, you think of crazy monarchs, tea parties, rabbits, and smiling cats. But in “Alice to Zouroku”, you think of existential crises, kids with superpowers, and an old man who loves giving a good scolding.

  • Of Kings and Madmen

    B: The Beginning is an anime I had started watching on a whim since it had no real summary, therefore I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I can now safely say I've found a (sort of) hidden gem.

  • 91 Days Revenge is a dish best served cold

    If you loved The Goodfellas, Public Enemies, Peaky Blinders and the The Godfather trilogy, you will not be disappointed by this brilliant and sophisticated piece of artwork.

  • A Very Grim Action-Adventure Sci-Fi

    Inuyashiki has a damn good crack at originality, creating a narrative that's bolstered by its sweet-natured titular hero, as his superhuman capabilities are explored from a stylish yet believable perspective. With an antagonist that very well serves the phrase 'total and complete scumbag', and a refreshingly harrowing interpretation of the superhero genre, Inuyashiki delivers an entertaining, albeit flawed, gratuitously gripping experience.

  • The Marvel Origin Story Concoction

    After 1.5 weeks of binge-watching MCU movies in preparation for Infinity War, the author of this article has convinced himself that he now knows how to write an MCU Origin Story, and here's how.

  • Love, loss, and letters

    Violet Evergarden is an anime that explores human emotions, both basic and complex, in a way that makes you step back and think about why you feel the way you feel.

  • Why live action anime just doesn't work (and how it could)

    Anime's pretty popular. You can hate on the otakus all you want, but it's a good medium, and creators who are somewhat familiar with the medium past the stereotypes know this. It then, doesn't come as a surprise that studios want to exploit it for making live action adaptations.

  • All the strange things walk into a teashop...

    These are the first words you see when you start watching this surprisingly unconventional show. If you tell me it doesn't immediately pique your interest, you're basically Pinocchio.

  • Your Name: A beautiful out-of-body experience

    Where so many movie romances begin with a charming meet-cute-and-progress-from-there, audiences can never be quite sure whether the central couple in “Your Name” could ever meet, even though they have a weird habit of waking up in one another's bodies.

  • Barakamon: One for the Creative Folks

    Heart-warming, relaxing, and hilarious - is how I would define this anime.

  • Anne of Green Gables

    A lot of people are averse to watching adaptations of novels, and they are so because of valid reasons.

  • A Magical Journey towards Self-Discovery

    Song of the Sea, nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 87th Academy Awards, is a visually stunning hand-animated film that uses folklore to take us on an incredible adventure with a 10 year old Irish boy, Ben, and his mute six year old sister, Saoirse.

  • An Anime to Get Tangled In

    Only on rare occasions have I ever gone into an anime without knowing a single thing about the story. Going into Assassination Classroom was one of those rare occasions.

  • Musical Bento Box

    Quite a few anime have music that goes hand in hand with the beautiful character design and art style to bring forward the perfect animation.

  • The Last: Naruto The Movie

    When the Naruto manga ended in late 2014, fans were left excited by the announcement that a new Naruto movie was on the way.

  • Bakuman: Manga about manga

    Bakuman is a seventy-five episode, three-season long anime series based on the manga of the same name by writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata.

  • Dragon Ball's Heir

    One Punch Man was a fairly unknown series until the anime was released. It was originally a webcomic that started way back in 2009.


    When I came across this anime I thought, "That's a funny name, probably just another clichéd high-school drama." I was wrong, and now I won't be able to die in peace until I recommend it to a hundred other people.

  • La Maison en Petits Cubes

    La Maison en Petits Cubes, also known by its English title “The House of Small Cubes,” is Japanese animator Kunio Katō's most critically acclaimed work.