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  • Quirky frenchie

    The Citroen 2CV isn't pretty or fast. The French car was built from 1948 to 1990, remaining mostly unchanged. Its specialty included a 9

  • Scale enthusiasts from DCCCB meet

    The Diecast Car Collectors Club Bangladesh has come a long way from being just another group of like minded people on Facebook. It's turned into a genuine community of scale model car collectors who are pretty passionate about their hobby.

  • Classic road racing in scale

    Alfa Romeo made cars that were meant to seduce before they had broken down or rusted away. The Giulia is an especially enticing model with the perfect wheelbase, wrapped in a body that could only be described as petite and graceful.

  • 1/43s: Premium vs basic

    What sets a “premium” 1/43 car, made by the likes of Kyosho, apart from a “basic” one, such as one produced by Hi-Speed?

  • Fairlady 2000 rebirth

    The Fairlady 2000 is the second generation of the famed line from Datsun. The 1967 model was pretty and a far cry from today's messy Z cars, and in collectible form the Fairlady doesn't offer too many options for purchase. However, Hot Wheels has decided to change that in 2016 with a restomodded take on the 2000.

  • Audi Quattro 1:24

    Legendary 1986 Audi Quattro in 1/24 scale, a car designed only using set squares by a man wearing square glasses.


    One of the most unusual 1/18 scale models you can buy, this British Racing Green Triumph is a brilliant piece that you should definitely have in your collection, especially if you’re a fan of European classics.

  • 1:64 Countach and Subaru Impreza from Tomica's Premium range

    Tomica is Japan's biggest contributor to ensuring kids grow up loving cars. They've been making 1:64ish model cars

  • Bricks and wheels

    Superior build quality, meticulous attention to detail - exactly what Enzo Ferrari would expect of Ferraris, and what you get with the

  • Kyosho 1/64 Subaru Legacy

    Competing in the early 90's, the Legacy was a properly successful AWD rally car, but was eventually replaced by the lighter, swifter Impreza in the mid-90's. Kyosho has replicated it in wonderfully detailed 1/64 scale.