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  • Chevrolet Corvette C8R – channeling the successes of past Vette racers

    Chevrolet just released the C8.R Corvette, which is the race car version of the road going car. But before we get into that, I think it is important to put into context how much weight the Corvette nameplate holds and how much the C8.R has to live up to.

  • New BMW X5M and X6M

    BMW just announced two new additions to their lineup, the X5M and the X6M powered by 4.4 liters of twin turbo oomph. If that power plant seems familiar, that’s because it is.

  • 9th gen BMW 7-series launched

    BMW’s flagship luxury sedan is back for a ninth generation and has officially hit Dhaka streets. Launched at the Executive Motors

  • McLaren F1 “LM Specification” fetches record breaking $19.8 Million

    The McLaren F1—often lauded as the greatest car ever made—has not exactly been in the same realm of ultra-rare collectible as, let’s

  • New Bugatti alert - Cenodieci

    Inspired by the 90s EB110 supercar - the last independent Bugatti to be launched before VW took ownership and launched the modern era of the French/Italian brand - the Cenodieci (Italian for 110) is a $9 Million hypercar based on the Chiron.

  • Lotus Evora GT

    Lotus has released the 2020 Lotus Evora GT, replacing the previous Evora 410 nameplate. Okay so it’s not really a “new” Lotus Evora, rather an iteration of the same car for a decade.

  • Corvette C8 Stingray, dissected

    It is only in the last decade and a half or so, that American sports car entered the market with a similar passion and drive that matched the contemporary European and Japanese sports cars as true performers.

  • Avik Anwar finishes third at VW Ameo Cup race

    Following a first place finish in July, Avik Anwar has now clinched yet another podium finish at the Volkswagen Ameo Cup in India. Considered to be India’s national motorsport event, this is the second time Avik got a place on the podium.

  • Affan Sadat clinches third at Canadian Sport Compact Series race

    Bangladeshi race driver Affan Sadat recently competed in a time attack race at the Canadian Sport Compact series and placed third in a field dominated by stiff competition, by having consistently good lap times over two days.



  • The (richer) man’s F-type: Aston DB11 Volante

    For 2020, the ultimate production Aston Martin goes topless, amalgamating three iconic monikers in one flagship model—DBS

  • From sport compact to compact utility

    The Ford Puma is back! And…it’s a Compact Utility Vehicle, or a CUV. But why? Wasn’t it a slightly under-appreciated, technically

  • 2020 Audi Q7 refresh

    Audi has decided to drag the slightly aging Q7 into another few years before a full re-do is implemented. The 5 or 7-seater SUV has been in production for a while now, tracing its roots back to 2003’s Pikes Peak Quattro concept, and the rest of Audi’s dynamic range seems to have left it behind a little bit.

  • Bangladeshi drivers get 1-2 position at VW Ameo Cup

    History was made at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, India, when FIA licensed Bangladeshi racers Avik Anwar and Aiman Sadat finished in a 1-2 position at the 2019 Volkswagen Ameo Cup on 23rd June.

  • BMW brings back lost Garmisch concept

    BMW has decided to bring back the Garmisch concept, a design study from Bertone that was originally debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970.

  • The Rolls Royce Cullinan for the tasteless and rich – Mansory Billionaire

    Take the most offensive Rolls Royce ever made, hand it over to the masters of botching up perfectly fine cars, and what you get is the Mansory Billionaire—a lumbering monstrosity based on the Rolls Royce Cullinan.

  • Alfa’s new baby - Giulietta

    Amid Alfa Romeo’s newfound mojo in building stellar products like the Giulia and the Stelvio, their smaller, city-friendly options have been crying out for a revamp.

  • Grill lift for the new 7-series

    BMW has just released a facelift of their flagship, top-dog luxury sedan—the 7-series. Immediately, it has created divisions in the

  • Hyundai Tucson N-line

    Hyundai’s entering the performance car segment with their “N” vehicles—effectively a South Korean counterpart to the likes of BMW’s M

  • Tesla’s smallish SUV - Model Y

    Elon Musk’s lettered kingdom of electric cars gets a new addition in the form of the Model Y, a crossover SUV that slots in below the

  • Porsche is now building a Coupe SUV- Cayenne Turbo Coupe

    Porsche has bitten the SUV-Coupe trend and released this hellhound onto the world—the Cayenne Turbo Coupe. While BMW’s X4 Coupe

  • Pininfarina's electric hypercar—Battista

    Pininfarina, the most glamorous car company/design firm in the world, is now owned by the least glamorous car company in the world,

  • Koenigsegg's white knight—Jesko

    Koenigsegg have revealed their latest hypercar at Geneva, and as usual, they're not showing off like the others. Known for their lack of lip

  • Bugatti's one-off tribute piece— La Voiture Noire

    Geneva Motor show was rocked by three major hypercars, but Bugatti's La Voiture Noire stole the show with an eye-watering price tag

  • A track spec SUV coupe ...thing: BMW X4 Competition

    Continuing this week's theme of vehicles that shouldn't exist but do (and are selling well, despite the constant demonstrations of sad old

  • BUET Autofest held

    BUET Automobile Club recently held this year's instalment of their annual Auto Fest at the BUET Auditorium on 6th and 7th February, 2019.

  • Peugeot 5008 launched in Bangladesh

    AG Motors, official dealership of Peugeot vehicles in Bangladesh, unveiled the 5008 7-seater luxury SUV at their showroom in Tejgaon on Saturday, 9th February 2019.

  • Audi A8L launched in Bangladesh

    The Audi A8L is now officially available in Bangladesh through Progress Motors Imports Ltd., authorised distributors of Audi vehicles in

  • Honda launches Dream Neo and Livo in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL), launched two the Honda Livo and Dream Neo at Dhaka's Bangabandhu International Convention

  • Return of the king - Toyota Supra MKV

    Of all the JDM legends from the 90s, only a few have managed to keep their lineage going and just one has managed to make a return. While Subaru is still making the Impreza, Mitsubishi has discontinued the Lancer Evolution—moving away from enthusiasts' cars altogether in favour of city cars and crossovers.