Women’s Participation in Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities

Ensuring a successful shift toward renewable energy necessitates the active involvement and empowerment of women in the sector.

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Consent to marriage and best interest of girls

The dominance of politics in our national spheres has, unfortunately, diverted attention away from critical issues like child marriage.

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Opportunities and Challenges to Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh

We find ourselves easily discussing inclusive education now, but just two decades ago, the idea of children with disabilities pursuing studies seemed unimaginable.

Thinking beyond sanitation: Transitioning to a sustainable urban water cycle

Ismène R.A.C. Stalpers, Country Director, SNV Bangladesh

Bangladesh Family Planning Programme: What women and girls want matters

Ipas, in association with The Daily Star, organised a roundtable titled “Bangladesh Family Planning Programme: What women and girls want matters” on July 10, 2023. Here we publish a summary of the discussion.

Breathing clean: Protecting lives from air pollution

Manas Biswas, Technical Coordinator - Integrated WASH & CESP, Tongi Urban Programme, World Vision Bangladesh.

Progressive Taxation in Bangladesh Why and How?

The income tax system in Bangladesh is regressive. It follows a pattern where the tax burden increases proportionally with income until it reaches a stagnant rate of 30%. Ideally, a more progressive structure would have involved a higher tax rate.

Prevention of Child Marriage in remote and marginalised chars of northern Bangladesh

Friendship in association with The Daily Star organised a roundtable titled “Prevention of Child Marriage in remote

10 years since Rana Plaza tragedy

Solidarity Center and IndustriAll Bangladesh Council (IBC), with the support of USAID, organised a roundtable titled “Workers’ Health-Safety & Trade Union Rights: Where are we now?

Transforming Agrifood Systems to Improve Nutrition in Secondary Cities: The Role of Women

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) organized a roundtable discussion regarding the role of women in transforming agrifood systems to improve nutrition in secondary cities on 9 March 2023. The event was hosted by Nutrition in City Ecosystem (NICE),

How girls are realizing their potentials: Opportunities and challenges

The saying goes, “if creating opportunities isn’t possible, remove the roadblocks so they can create their own.” Unfortunately, there is a prevalent mindset to restrict, particularly girls, from exploring their potential.

Sustainable economic empowerment of persons with disabilities

Globally, 15 percent people have some form of disabilities according to World Health Organization. However, in Bangladesh, no concrete data is available.

Bridge communication gaps in CSR

Speakers at an online discussion recommended that companies put more focus on communicating their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to grassroots organisations.

Engage more young people in CSR

Speakers at an online discussion recommended that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives should engage local youth organisations by providing them with the opportunity to access CSR funds. This will ensure that the youth gain skills in project development and implementation and can thereby continue to push for social change.

Prioritise local organisations to make CSR programmes sustainable

Speakers at an online discussion recommended Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives reaching marginalised communities that need such funding the most. A key factor would be to leverage local NGOs and youth organisations, who are aware of the local scenario, to implement CSR projects.

Post COVID Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises: Youth and Women Responsive Strategy

CMSMEs play a key role in Bangladesh’s economy, particularly in the area of employment generation.

Ensuring Choices and Rights

This year, the World Population Day focuses on comprehensive rights and choices on sexual and reproductive health. The theme itself refers to the global consensus that reproductive health rights are integral and indivisible parts of human rights.

Leverage CSR to achieve SDGs

Speakers at an online discussion suggested that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives should be designed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind.

Plastic Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Over the last few days, we have had multiple sessions talking about plastic pollution, and the different ways it impacts human life.

Translating 8th Five Year Plan into Fiscal Year Budget 2021-22: Youth Perspective

As we approach the announcement of the upcoming budget, the most important question that we should keep in mind is how the National Budget can accommodate the Eighth Five Year Plan on the issue of young people. After 2026, the proportion of the young population is going to gradually decrease.

Green Construction - Future of the Industry

We are always surrounded by concrete because it is the most common building material. Even now, all of us are sitting on and are surrounded by concrete.

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