‘Business, not city service, is being prioritised’

"One after another, actions are taking place to strip the Dhanmondi Lake of its intended character."

‘Will the budget be made to satisfy the people or the vested groups?’

Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman, executive chairman of the Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC), discusses the upcoming national budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star.

‘When people with integrity begin to rise, corruption fails’

Narayan Adhikari (Nepal country director and co-founder) and Sanjeeta Pant (programmes and learning manager) of Accountability Lab speak with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star.

‘We can’t afford any further depletion of our forex reserves’

Ahsan H Mansur of Policy Research Institute talks about Bangladesh’s current economic crisis with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star.

'Israel’s actions are that of an apartheid regime. The only difference is that we are all brown.'

Dr Amal Jadou, Palestine’s deputy foreign minister, talks to Porimol Palma of The Daily Star about the decades long Palestine-Israel conflict, and the recent escalation of violence against the Palestinians.

‘Political will is the missing catalyst for quality education’

Dr Manzoor Ahmed, professor emeritus at Brac University and vice-chair of the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) Council, talks to Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star about a new book, of which he is a co-author, on the political economy of education in South Asia.

Revisit process of policymaking, not just the policies

The burden of imported inflation and supply-side implications of reduced imports will have adverse implications for economic growth and welfare, particularly of marginalised people.

Is there a way out of Bangladesh's energy crisis? Experts tell all.

"It is time for us to ask how much we have been able to recover from the energy crisis."

Energy prices should be consciously regulated by the government

When global prices dropped, we did not see the energy prices go down in Bangladesh. Why is that?

‘We’re working very hard to increase Bangladesh’s export to China’

Chinese envoy Li Jiming shares his views on the depth and prospects of Bangladesh-China bilateral relationship with The Daily Star.

‘Decision to use EVMs defies all logic’

Badiul Alam Majumdar discusses the controvery surrounding the Election Commission's decision to use EVMs with The Daily Star.

‘Rohingya refugees need education to take control of their future’

Rohingya human rights activist Razia Sultana talks to Shuprova Tasneem from The Daily Star on Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day.

‘The EC can’t hold elections if it probes all the electoral allegations’

Election Commissioner Md. Rafiqul Islam talks to Mohiuddin Alamgir of The Daily Star about various issues and allegations that marked the five-year tenure of the outgoing Election Commission, which ends on February 14, 2022. This is the first part of a two-part interview series intended to mark the occasion.

‘There can be no excuse for not formulating the EC law’

Dr Badiul Alam Majumdar is global vice-president and country director, The Hunger Project, and secretary of Sushashoner Jonno Nagorik (Shujan). In this interview with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star, he talks about the constitutional obligation of formulating a law to establish the Election Commission and why politicians so far have ignored it.

‘Mental health has always been a neglected issue’

Dr Mehtab Khanam is Honorary Professor, Department of Psychology, Dhaka University, and a renowned psychotherapist. In an interview with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star, Dr Khanam talks about the state of mental health awareness in Bangladesh and how much it affects general well-being.

‘Continuous assessment without remedial assistance will be futile’

Prof Siddiqur Rahman, former director of the Institute of Education and Research (IER) at Dhaka University and member of the National Education Policy 2010 formulation committee, talks to The Daily Star’s Naznin Tithi about the challenges we may face in implementing the new school curriculum, the outline of which was recently approved by the prime minister, and how we can solve them