• Political will, not only roadmap

    Democracy means much more than quinquennial elections to the parliament. For a country whose raison d'être has been democracy, the decay of democratic culture is alarming.

  • The ouster of ISIL from Mosul

    It is the considered opinion of scholars and observers of terrorism and extremism that the ISIL capture of Mosul was the most significant...

  • A year after

    Holey Artisan attack was a watershed event for us – both the society and the state.

  • What is meant to divide should unite

    The Finsbury Park Mosque attack was another manifestation of Islamophobia that has gripped Britain and many other western countries including the US in recent times. Reportedly, there has been a fivefold increase in hate crimes against Muslims in London after the London Bridge attack. There has been a similar spike in incidence of hate crimes against Muslims in the US, particularly after January 20, 2017.

  • Of VAT, donkeys and horses

    One cannot but marvel at the sense of proportion, or the lack of it, of the finance minister.

  • Is the law only for the powerful?

    “An earthquake achieves what the law promises but does not in practice maintain — the equality of all men.”

  • The Sunday classic in Riyadh

    US presidents seem to have a predilection for dispensing homilies directed at the Muslim countries just before the month of Ramadan – pre-Ramadan speech if you like.

  • The mendacious US presidents

    Gone are the days of “honest Abe” or of the president who as a boy refused to lie, after chopping down a cherry tree, a favourite of his father, knowing fully well the consequences of admitting the truth.

  • Which is the “civilised world”?

    This article has been animated by a comment of Sean Spicer, the constantly self-destructing White House press secretary.

  • And dry flows the Teesta . . . still

    The natural reaction to the remarks of Prime Minister Modi that the Teesta issue would be resolved during the tenure of the present incumbents in both countries, and it will be resolved soon is - how soon is soon.