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  • Debasing the memory of Amar Ekushey

    Growing up in a coastal town, I have seen people from all walks of life—students, artists, politicians, workers, peasants, and everyday families—participate in social rituals of Amar Ekushey.

  • Changing the way we think about poverty and development

    There are some words in the popular lexicon that we hear and read about every day but very few appreciate or understand the depth of these words. “Development” and “poverty” are two good examples.

  • Ekushey February: The legacy and the challenge

    For a perennially homesick expat living 10,000 miles away in Atlanta, February is a special month. It's that particular time in the year when Bangla lovers renew their pledge to nurture their language and culture.

  • No, Chawkbazar fire won't be our 'wakeup call'

    Yet another tragedy has struck Bangladesh. Suddenly, everyone has woken up to the danger of chemical factories in Old Dhaka which this daily, along with other newspapers,

  • Flirting with disaster

    A major portion of my childhood was spent in Farmgate—my paternal grandmother's place. It was a residential area wedged into the corner of a labyrinth breathing with multi-storey buildings, shops, parlours, salons, warehouses, other settlements, and tall electric transformers.

  • inclusive development

    We need inclusive development

    Watching TV talk shows nowadays has become tantamount to listening to people trumpeting development projects taken or being taken by the government.

  • Old Dhaka Chawkbazar chemical warehouses

    Of mortality and unlearned lessons

    If you Google “Tragedies in Bangladesh,” you will see a multitude of news articles popping up about disastrous mishaps where factories have collapsed, burned, or had a major industrial machinery explode, and claimed the lives of tens to hundreds to thousands of workers and passers-by who were unfortunate enough to be around the area of disaster. And many of these are just the ones in Dhaka city.

  • Indian fighter jet

    Dark clouds of conflict

    The ongoing tension between India and Pakistan is taking a dangerous turn. The Indian air force crossed Pakistani airspace and carried out strikes against alleged terrorist training camps within Pakistan-administered territory, followed by Pakistan's own airstrike.

  • Bangladesh Biman airlines hijack bid

    From a 'gun' to a 'toy gun' to a 'plastic pipe'

    In today's world, airport and aviation security is tight that incidents of plane hijacking have almost ceased to occur. After September 11, 2001, when an airplane was hijacked to carry out the devastating attack on the World Trade Centres in New York, USA, aviation security across the world has been tightened even further.

  • Imran Khan has taken a leaf out of Josh Malihabadi's book

    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a leaf out of the great Urdu poet Josh Malihabadi's book.