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  • CEPA: A game-changer for Indo-Bangla ties?

    Bangladesh and India decided during a meeting between their Commerce Ministers Tofail Ahmed and Suresh Prabhu in Dhaka recently to explore a bilateral Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which is an important stage in the countries' burgeoning ties.

  • We need to learn to lose

    It is fascinating how learning to lose and accepting defeat as a process starts at a young age.

  • New opportunities for India-Bangladesh cooperation

    On the evening of September 18, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina held video conferences in Delhi and Dhaka respectively.

  • Testing and learning - How Singapore does it

    The cover story with a full front-page spread on the Straits Times of Singapore on September 29 was headlined “Fewer exams for students, less emphasis on grades”.

  • Achieving religious harmony in a world of fear and populism

    This is a tough time for men and women of the cloth, at least those whose message is one of peace, tolerance, mutual respect, equality and inter-faith dialogue.

  • Slavery in Bengal: A forgotten history

    Notably absent in Bengali literature and history is a rather shameful past: the existence of slaves and the significant role that slavery played in our society and economy.

  • How Bangladesh is faring

    Child mortality reduction was a crucial aspect of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is considered to be an important indicator of socioeconomic advancement under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Target 3.2 under Goal 3 of the SDGs calls for ending preventable deaths of newborns and children under five years of age.

  • Journalism's darkest hour and a roadmap to its survival

    Director Steven Spielberg's 2017 newsroom thriller The Post, set in the 1970s America when a group of journalists try to expose a massive cover-up of government secrets about the Vietnam War, beautifully captures the tension between the press and a corrupt administration.

  • To speak or not to speak?

    Currently, the trending topic is the Miss Bangladesh 2018 fiasco—both the judges and contestants have been shamed by people on social media for their ignorance of the English language.

  • From Russia with love

    Diversification of options is the name of the diplomatic game. That is the message coming out after India and Russia inked the USD 5 billion agreement for the supply of the formidable S-400 air defence system during President Vladimir Putin's two-day visit to India and his annual summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.