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  • Abrar killing: When democracy fails to deliver

    The beauty of democracy is that it provides space to anyone; irrespective of the social or economic status of a person they can assume power and with it can do an enormous number of good things that can benefit the society as a whole. But it has a dark side as well:

  • The real heroes behind rural development

    She is the first to wake up, and after finishing all her daily chores, with little time for rest or recreation, she is the last to go to bed and yet her husband will say: “my wife does not work.” Who is she? She is the Rural Woman of Bangladesh. In spite of all the gains women have made, rural women lag behind in every indicator of human development.

  • What creates these criminals?

    The recent barbaric murder of a second year BUET student, Abrar Fahad has left all of us appalled and unsettled.

  • In pursuit of a hunger-free world

    Though yesterday was World Food Day, it should have been called World Hunger Day, as it was established to bring global attention to the problem of food insecurity.

  • The new challenges for our NGOs

    Because of the decline in donor financed projects, opportunities for NGOs are dwindling gradually. In the present day context NGOs should play multi-dimensional roles instead of just carrying out their daily tasks.

  • We need both traditional and new solutions to fight poverty

    Bangladesh has done remarkably well in reducing poverty and improving living conditions. The country halved poverty rates in a decade and a half, lifting more than 25 million people out of poverty. Between 2010 and 2016, about eight million Bangladeshi people exited poverty.

  • In which direction is South Asian University headed?

    The South Asian University, established in New Delhi in 2010, is a remarkable institution in terms of what it envisaged. SAARC-watchers are generally of the view that the university is perhaps ahead of its times, and is the best functioning SAARC institution despite its many problems.

  • Consumers: The missing link in sustainable apparel

    Who should pay to make apparel supply chains more sustainable? This is a question we hear a lot, and it is also one which causes a great many disagreements between factory owners and apparel brands.

  • One step forward, 10 steps back

    I was sixteen. I had been raped by a school volunteer. The foetus had caused internal bleeding and I was minutes away from dying.

  • A campus without student politics

    Recently I went to a fourth-year class at Khulna University to hear about students’ request to reschedule their class viva.