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  • We shouldn’t expect philanthropists to fund activism

    Since philanthropists are unlikely to fund anything that destabilises their businesses, building independent institutions can be an effective approach to create lasting impact.

  • Five steps to put the RMG sector back on track

    Recent figures show the export of ready-made garments (RMG) from Bangladesh during the first four months of the current fiscal year (FY2019-20) fell by 6.67 percent to USD 10.5 billion. Knitwear exports for the four months fell 5.73 percent to USD 5.5 billion, while woven garments exports fell 7.67 percent to USD 5 billion.

  • The Rohingya Quandary

    The Rakhine State of Myanmar was historically the Arakan Kingdom, a prosperous state spanning western Burma to parts of the Chattogram Division.

  • Of tears and desperation

    People are rightfully angry, and it makes sense. Onions hold an indispensable connection with our taste buds, and therefore by extension our culture and standards of living.

  • Digitisation of land administration

    “Digital land administration is the need of the hour”—an op-ed published in The Daily Star on August 19, 2019 reiterated the age-old concern over the inefficiency of the land market in Bangladesh, leading to “unending anguish and frustration for the general public”.

  • The ‘T’s of RMG Industry

    Want to know what the next big thing will be in the global apparel industry? Well, we hear much about the issue of transparency, and in a great many cases, this is referring to the issue of apparel brands and retailers revealing the names of their manufacturing facilities.

  • Dhaka Global Dialogue: An innovative construct

    The recently held Dhaka Global Dialogue, organised jointly by the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) and the Indian independent think tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF) was an innovative exercise for pursuing interactive,

  • Fake News: How to Fight It?

    For quite some time now, the term “fake news” has been the buzzword and everyone seems to be anxious about it. We often see high government officials speaking emphatically about how bad “gujob” (rumour) or fake news is for the society and how it should be eliminated for the sake of people and the country.

  • Japan-Bangladesh ties: Riding the next wave of globalisation

    The patterns of globalisation are changing. Global cross-border flows—of trade, capital, knowledge, resources, transportation and culture—are shifting towards Asia. By 2040,

  • Why does India’s media cover some rapes extensively and ignore others?

    Does the media contribute directly, or indirectly, to distorting our understanding of the reasons for the increasing violence against women?