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  • A fair recruitment policy for a stronger government

    America took capitalism and the market economy as the basis for its economic model from the first day of its independence in the late 18th century. In the subsequent centuries, the US continued its progress as the market economy fosters the culture of competition and empowers the customers to choose the best out of many alternatives.

  • Why reforming the public service sector is so crucial

    This type of brainstorming is almost entirely absent in our bureaucracy. In most cases, you are a good officer as long as you can memorise the existing circulars and follow them to the T.

  • A sweet budget turns sour

    This year's budget eventually turned sour though its components are fine. The major aspects of the budget can be fit into a pentagon model that has five components.

  • Rescue plan for 2018

    While we learned not to put all eggs in one basket, dumping all rotten apples in one basket might seem rather prudent. When two

  • What the banking sector gets and loses

    The budget, which is basically an annual outline of fiscal policy, has over time turned into an all-encompassing document for the

  • Why politicians and economists don't get along

    Rarely have we seen both politicians and economists dance together and play the same tune on the state of the economy.

  • A pentagon model to make the budget simpler

    If we compare an economy to an aeroplane, fiscal policy and monetary policy would be its two wings.

  • The ills of too much maya

    The word maya originates from Sanskrit, meaning attraction that you feel for your loved ones with a sense of bond and attachment.

  • Fighting the financial hemorrhage

    We live in a notoriously polluted city of the world, and still we choose to live here because we have a dream. We live in a system where

  • Roadblocks to our potential growth

    When a mother claims that her son could have achieved a grade of A though he actually earned B+, we understand the son performed below his potential and did not work to his fullest capacity for the test.