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  • Opinion: Bad governance and starvation of people go together in Pakistan

    About six years ago, when the foundation of the highly publicised game changer, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was laid, the people of Pakistan were sold a dream that the project would put them in the company of world’s prosperous people. But six years thence, the poor and middle class of the South Asian country are finding it more and more difficult to run their kitchens.

  • Reflections on Muktijuddho

    Those who were born after Muktijuddho (Liberation War), to whom do they go, to fully realize its true spirit? To answer this, we can talk about the dusty books from the libraries, memoirs written by our ancestors, or the articles printed in newspapers.

  • The resilience of secularism in Bangladesh

    The author is an international security studies analyst, and former consultant at National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) of India.

  • Mushtaq is my brother

    I thought I would give this article the title “Kishore is my brother”. But I changed it to “Mushtaq is my brother”.

  • What makes the 7th March speech one of the best?

    In 2017, UNESCO announced Bangabandhu’s March 7 speech as one of the most historic speeches in the world, worthy of being enlisted in the "Memory of the World Register”. The significance of the speech could not be clearer -- as a nation, Bangalees received a united purpose, a call-to-arms for self-determination, and a pledge to never surrender.

  • Joy Bangla Concert: where music enlivens history

    "This time the struggle is for our freedom. This time the struggle is for our independence."

  • 8th episode of Mujib Graphic Novel: Bangabandhu’s role in Language Movement couldn’t be better portrayed

    Bangabandhu’s role in the 1952 Language Movement was not explored in detail before his unfinished memoir came to light decades after his assassination. And, it never came out so vividly before the graphic novel portrayed those stories.

  • EU training to Myanmar police on crowd control: what message does it send?

    Posing as the protector of democracy, the Myanmar military accused Suu Kyi’s party of vote-rigging and irregularities. However, a big question remains on what stepping stones they laid to protect democracy.

  • Bangladeshi expatriates: death, burial and identity

    One of the most tragic deaths from the Australian Bangladeshi community occurred in 2005. The victim was a young man named Faheem Bhuiyan.

  • ‘How is your father?’

    An account by photojournalist Kajol’s son.

  • Opinion: 1971 to 2021 -- as Bangladesh forges ahead, Pakistan’s denial continues

    Bangladesh will never form ties with anyone compromising on the spirit of the 1971 Liberation War. The country will never betray the blood of its 30 lakh martyrs.

  • Digital transaction holds the key to ensure transparency in disbursing allowance

    We have come across news in media about misappropriation of relief rice, corrugated iron sheets, other relief items and government financial support for the poor. There are many tricks to embezzle cash support and one of them is using ghost beneficiaries when they are distributed manually. As a result, these incidents are less visible. There has not been much media coverage about the misappropriation in the distribution of cash support.

  • Early action key to ending flood woes

    There is a proverb which says, “misfortunes never come alone”. Well that seems to be the case for communities living in northern Bangladesh-- marooned by monsoon floods and suffering through the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Is Bangladesh’s RMG industry on its way to recovery?

    The Mapped in Bangladesh (MiB) project of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), Brac University (BracU), has recently disseminated the findings of Phase 2 of its ongoing “Rapid Survey” series through a webinar titled “State of the RMG Industry during the Pandemic: Is it on the Way to Recovery?” on July 20, 2020.

  • Bus

    Cancel registration, route permits if vehicles violate health codes: ministry to BRTA

    Road Transport and Bridges Ministry today asked Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) to cancel registration and route permits if vehicles violate health guidelines.

  • Bogura School

    Coronavirus pandemic: students in chars should have access to online classes

    During my recent venture to the char areas of Bogura, I found students spending the days of the pandemic going without any form of online or offline classes. They do not have to attend school now and most of their parents are unable to teach them as many do not have any formal education.

  • The coronavirus pandemic: quarantine, shutdowns and all that stress

    The word quarantine first came around to use in Italy’s Venice in 1127. It was used in response to Leprosy and was later heavily used during the Black Death. It took another 300 years until the UK properly began to impose quarantine measures in response to plague.

  • British-Bangladeshi doctor dies of Covid-19 after pleading for more PPEs

    A British-Bangladeshi hospital consultant in London has died from the coronavirus infection weeks after pleading to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for more personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline staff, according to a report published in The Guardian.

  • Chattogram Map

    Ctg UP chairman’s relief operation turns into ‘photoshoot’

    The marginalised, the informal sector workers and those who depend on daily income for their livelihood are among the worst-affected by the ongoing shutdown enforced to stop the spread of coronavirus.

  • Observing an accountable mayor’s office

    The International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) is an exclusive exchange program of the US Department of State. It boasts worldwide recognition, as professionals from all around the globe participate. The participants are nominated and selected annually by US embassies around the world.

  • Mob besieges Dawn offices in Islamabad

    A few dozen unidentified people stage a protest outside Dawn offices over publication of a news report regarding the ethnicity of the London Bridge attacker who stabbed two persons to death last week.

  • Logo of Robi Axiata ltd

    HC to pass order Thursday on Robi’s plea against BTRC payment order

    The High Court fixes Thursday for passing an order on an appeal filed by Robi Axiata ltd seeking an injunction on Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission’s (BTRC) move to realise Tk 867.23 crore from the telecom operator.

  • Shaer Reaz

    Root cause of ailing student politics

    Upon seeing the news of student politics being banned on campus in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) recently, a few crucial factors to consider stand out regarding Abrar Fahad’s death and the surrounding fallout against student politics.

  • Give ’em a chance to grow further

    The much-awaited election to Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu) has finally happened, for better or for worse.

  • Ducsu dreams dashed: Another symptom of the disease

    What do you call those who just refuse to see the writing on the wall? Delusional fools or compulsive optimists? Perhaps we are a bit of both.

  • Who’s heading home?

    It’s now crunch time, as the World Cup in Russia reaches the knockout round. For fans, tonight holds the most crucial hours of tournament, when two of the four leading football nations -- Argentina or France and Portugal or Uruguay -- will head home with broken hearts.

  • 26 killed in India road accident

    At least 26 people are killed when a truck carrying them skids off the road and overturns in Bhavanagar district of the western Indian state of Gujarat.

  • Graffiti defaced: Are you seriously surprised?

    Yesterday, when my Facebook newsfeed filled with photos of the besmirched wall paintings done by the students of the Institute of Fine Arts of Chittagong University as part of Pahela Baishakh festivities, I was not surprised.

  • Opinion: How is Hasina's Hilsa diplomacy working?

    It was none, but Sheikh Hasina who introduced this diplomacy twenty years ago known as Hilsa diplomacy. How much did she achieve through it during her visit to India that just concluded?

  • Opinion: How to kill tourism

    It is extremely sad that the natural forest of Jaflong is disappearing fast due to dumping of stone illegally excavated from the Dawki and Sari rivers by a group of unscrupulous traders. As a result, tourism in this scenic hill station, home to subtropical mountains, rainforests, tea gardens and the Khasia ethnic group is on the decline. This is a classic example of how mismanagement, lack of a strategy and enforcement of law are killing the tourism sector in Bangladesh.