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  • Why we couldn't protect Khadija

    Remember Suraiya Akter Risha? The eighth grader of an English medium school in Dhaka, who was stabbed by her stalker, a man who

  • Sandwiched between militancy and consumerism

    Despite all the ramifications of progressiveness that civilisation has experimented with, the preoccupation with the female members of the population has never been on the wane.

  • Are friends really that important?

    In a larger context, friendships actually allow societies to function and this includes countries that may turn them into formal unions or agreements. Hence the disastrous effects when friendships sour – you get Brexit, you get hostile neighbours, ruthless aggressors and worst of all, you get wars.

  • A jarring anomaly of society

    It is easy to miss stories about child domestic workers being tortured and killed. Easy because stories of children being killed have become eerily regular.

  • Remembering Rubel

    The name suddenly made me stop reading the lead story of DS's May 18 issue. Shamim Reza Rubel. He was an IUB student

  • The way to show respect

    When all the paraphernalia linked with power and status fail to get lowly commoners to show respect – say they forget to salam or shower you with petals when you enter the vicinity of the primary school you are to visit – there is only one thing to do.

  • Going on the wrong side is just plain wrong!

    Finally, someone is doing something about the preposterous level of highhandedness displayed by people who are either truly very important or think they are very important.

  • What awaits Tonu? Questions arise after so many days

    The cries for justice all over the country have fallen on deaf ears. Nobody knows who killed Sohagi Jahan Tonu, the second year history student of Comilla Victoria Government College.

  • A letter to the apple of my i

    Dear iPhone 5, I am writing to you knowing full well that you or your girlfriend Siri will never even look at this, because honestly...

  • Don't forget Tonu

    All over the country people are protesting – students, parents, cultural activists. They are calling for justice for Tonu.