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  • Myanmar Rakhine State

    Addressing the Rohingya crisis: whose responsibility is it?

    It has been almost 21 months since the influx of about 750,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh began in August 2017. Gradually, it is becoming clear to us that the Rohingyas are here to stay for a protracted period of time.

  • Looking beyond high growth in Bangladesh

    In 2018, Bangladesh began its graduation process from least developed country to developing country status. Bangladesh has now

  • SDGs: Three years on, where do we stand?

    The leaders of 193 countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals on September 25, 2015 following a long spell of extensive discussions and debates.

  • How much has the youth gained from growth?

    If one asks owners or chief executives of companies and organisations to single out one difficulty that they face, a chorus of voices will respond in unison: lack of skilled human resources.

  • BUDGET FOR FY2019: Good, bad and ugly

    The national budget is a means to manage the economy of a country through collection of revenue from various sources and making expenditures for development programmes.

  • LDC GRADUATION: What it means for Bangladesh

    On March 16, 2018, for the second time in the history of independent Bangladesh, the country was adorned with a crown for its

  • Bangladesh economy in 2017 and the way forward

    For Bangladesh 2017 has been a mixed year of achievements and challenges. Though some macro indicators reflect the positive trends, the overall strength of the economy is weakening due to a number of developments toward the second half of the year.

  • When politics overpowers economic rationale

    It has been a highly debated issue and the business community was unhappy from the beginning. They felt that it would be a pressure on them and reduce their profitability. Consumers were confused and apprehensive. They felt that any additional tax would be passed on to them as always and raise their cost of living.

  • Middle class: Loser on all counts

    Bangladesh's national budget for FY2018 comes at a challenging time. Despite being powered by high growth and cushioned by low international prices, the Bangladesh economy has been facing a number of disquieting features.

  • Growing malignancy in the banking sector

    The banking sector has been passing through a turbulent period for some time. Given that a sound financial sector is key to sustained