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  • A deterrent to regional development

    Following the end of almost fifty years of military rule in Myanmar and the release of the Nobel Laureate leader Aung San Suu Kyi in 2011, the world had looked at the country with much enthusiasm.

  • Not a Taxing Affair

    It is encouraging to note that the National Income Tax Fair is becoming increasingly useful and popular among ordinary tax payers in Bangladesh.

  • Acknowledging the ugly truth

    The stereotypical mindset of even the highly educated section of the society hold the view that girls should maintain so-called 'decency' in their outfits and movements. If that is so, then what type of indecency can a five-year-old girl display in her clothes and demeanour? Are girls who wear hijabs spared by these monstrous men?

  • Growth is real only if it is inclusive

    Bangladesh had an exceptional six days this month. Starting with the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and ending with that of the World Bank president Jim Yong Kim, the country went through a period of euphoria.

  • On a transformational journey

    China has been taken a strong place in the global economic landscape with its large GDP and rapid economic growth.

  • It's the people who matter

    Connecting with people is an inherent urge in human beings. Movement of people and ideas contributed towards the progress of societies.

  • Leading towards a better world?

    Leading towards a better world?

    President Barak Obama's speech at the seventy first session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2016 carries great significance.

  • Kazuko Uematsu Bhuiyan

    The Japanese Wife

    Fluent in Bangla, Kazuko never felt that she was a foreigner in this country. She always felt safe and comfortable in Bangladesh and didn't hesitate to relay that message to the world.

  • Cost of terrorism on the economy

    Life can change at any moment. On July 1, 2016, life changed for us Bangladeshis. Security has become an even higher priority for the country.

  • Ramifications of terror attacks in Bangladesh

    On its part, Bangladesh has to work hard in bringing back the confidence of investors, development partners and the foreign community. The damage has already been done through worldwide media coverage. Now Bangladesh needs to reassure foreigners working here about their safety.