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  • Proof of Hope

    Like me, many haven't lost faith in adult education yet. In fact, I just read about a 74-year old PhD scholar. The oldest doctoral graduate of Sichuan University conducted his doctoral dissertation defence at the age of 74.

  • Speak no evil

    Early morning tweets are something I wake up to and they form the structure of my day. Most news items shape the next 16 hours.

  • Leaks and Lessons

    Too many leaks are happening these days. White House staffers have been leaking information.

  • “Providing” for the “Protected”

    I am so glad that children of powerful people are not being able to get away with rape.”

  • Circle of Trust

    Very often, we walk away from our losses and just expect to recover. Well, we don't. Memories last forever, especially if they are torturous in nature and form. The best way is to work around the pain and address it the way we ought to.

  • It's time to work together

    The tale of the three million female workers in the readymade garment industry is an unbeatable narrative of toil and survival.

  • Someone else's babies

    There was a time when the film industry in the subcontinent used Indo-Pak plots to create pre-film-release-tension-teasers to attract more audience.

  • Confessions of a feminist

    It's time to start a #SheForShe movement. Unless women just stop expecting men to help them realign their statuses, then victory for women will always remain elusive. The only way is to help each other out, increase mentorship programmes and impact each other's lives.

  • Era of dialogue

    We are proud. They want laptops to work on. This is what Sathy and Rokeya have written to me. Both are now studying at the Asian University for Women situated in Chittagong and are having the time of their lives.

  • The Virtual Vogue

    By habit, I shake the morning newspapers violently every morning. This way, I shake redundance off the pages.