CHINTITO SINCE 1995 | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Beyond a social fever

    Elections are a fascinating spectacle, to say the least, and this is not in reference to any tax dodging on a massive scale, deleted emails of humongous volume, amazing tales of surreptitious groping (the 'victims' fading into silence after being overrun by the electoral

  • Politics of, for and by the non-politician

    Politics, for as long as I can remember, has been practised by most politicians (at least outwardly so) to give the impression that the 'politician' (not too many who pursue politics favour that stamp) was striving for the wellbeing of the electorate.

  • Those responsible must be accountable

    A witch-hunt is often launched following any fatal fire incident, a calamitous crumbling of a building, a tragic case of deliberate food adulteration, an in-house bank heist and such incidents that render loss of life and property. We almost never care for injuries or illnesses, discounting even cases that condemn one and the family to a lifetime of pain, neglect and suffering.

  • Want No Trump

    A Chinese, a Brazilian and a German were engaged in a round of bridge in one of the failed businesses, this one a casino, of an

  • Alas, my Bangla lingo!

    Throughout the 1960s, come every Ekushey February, we would see frantic efforts by mainly corporations, business houses and shop

  • How not to win an election?

    It's not easy, but one way to try and maintain sanity is by taking a worldwide view of every situation.

  • A tale of two committers

    The Muslim world is in agony each time there is a killing in a non-Muslim locale. Who did it? Why, is not important, and most often never known. Will it be a person carrying a Muslim name? Will they then search for his terrorist linkage? Will it be a non-

  • 'Likes' that can kill

    Selfies were born when people found no one to take their photo. Again, no one among family and friends wanted to be left out, and so the crowding into the frame began.

  • Not a perfect ending

    This is your Chief, whatever you meant by that. Can you hear me?

  • United in Division

    You do not necessarily have to be an Awami League aficionado to appreciate that the two mayors of Dhaka City, albeit split along