CHINTITO SINCE 1995 | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Stop genocide, in the name of Buddha

    Buddhism is a religion of peace; all religions are. Although we are born into a religion, many, mostly Westerners, influenced by the philosophical teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, have embraced Buddhism as a lifestyle; so powerful has been its all-inclusive ideology.

  • Pray, tell me why?

    All retired government, police and military officers have all the solutions to all the problems and a big-window plan for the next one hundred years, and yet those presently serving are at a loss for words.

  • Ball, bribe, birthday, bridges and beef

    It had been heralded last month that Bangladesh has moved up two notches in FIFA ranking. Wow! You sit up to bask in the glory that we could be, say thirty-forty places behind Germany or Brazil, Spain if you fancy Flamenco, because in a classroom situation that's how at worse fares the untalented, inattentive and unruly student. They make great “politicians” though.

  • Apologies to Pablo Picasso

    I was shocked to see Pablo. Well, if you know him as Picasso, that's your shortcoming, rather your admittance of not being on first names with perhaps the world's most multi-talented painter.

  • Visa is not a right, courtesy is

    Ekushey Padak awardee, sculptor Hamiduzzaman Khan Sir was my senior colleague at university. It's been quite a while, close to a decade, since we last met. After all these years consulting Sir was critical, because I was exploring the possibility of his art objects adorning the garden of a bungalow I designed.

  • The foreign input and the ugly outcome

    Our officers are (in)famous for making foreign trips as part of any government project. Executives of some private enterprises are also

  • Astounding, bewildering and confounding

    Ever since the second IPL, obviously I could not do it any earlier, it has been a matter of wonderment for me why the three-piece

  • Expect everything, appreciate nothing

    Yet another Pahela Baishakh, the 1424th in fact, with lots of fanfare, merriment and of course hullabaloo came to pass. But one matter was confined in deafening silence for the second year running – the 20 percent bonus (of basic pay) for employees of all government, autonomous and semi-autonomous institutions disbursed as per a gazette.

  • Beating the traffic jam

    You can sit back and witness a silent movie unfolding, starring a street vendor and a buyer. Some people ask the price to pass time, and the disgusted seller knows it.

  • When you have to start with a 'no'

    No apol-ogy when one is due would reflect my insensitivity. The excuse for my unusually long voluntary hiatus is that the media the