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  • Herd mentality vs herd immunity

    Remember getting caught by your parents for trying out roadside pickles or tawdry coloured crunchy ice outside your school?

  • Crossing the public-private divide

    I was a young lecturer when private universities appeared for the first time in the higher education scene of Bangladesh. I remember when one of my colleagues left us to join a pioneer private university as a full time faculty, we at the department felt that he had sold his soul to money, deciding to work under a corporate system. The same thing happened when one of my teachers left for a financially lucrative BCS job.

  • The ‘Extraction’ Attraction

    My Face-book newsfeed has been experiencing a little tremor ever since the Dhaka-based action movie Extraction started streaming on Netflix on April 24.

  • Covid-19 Is No Leveller

    The horrific images of white plastic body bags in which the final journeys are set during this great pandemic add to the myth of coronavirus as the great leveller.

  • The masked heroes in Covid’s metamorphoses

    My generation grew up with masked heroes. They could shoot heat beams from their eyes or knock down a skyscraper with a single punch—“kavoom”! They could lead double lives: during the day they could be aristocratic noblemen or dashing socialites, and at night, they could put on their vigilante masks and raid the neighbourhood in search of culprits and criminals.

  • Ice Age: Corona Consequence

    How will the world look like once this not-so-coveted Covid-19 crisis is over? Is this pandemic a virus-driven Ice Age that will change the world the way we know it? Can we ever go back to being normal? Or are we going to have “the new normal”?

  • 2019 novel coronavirus infection

    Be My Quarantine: Some random thoughts on Covid-19 isolation

    Too little money, too much screen time, and uneven distribution of household chores and childcare—a recipe made in hell.

  • Against all odds

    Any bored individual who has nothing better to do than to read the comment threads while listening to some old songs on YouTube must have come across these two ideas: “Who is listening to this in 2020?” Or “So-and-so brought me here”.

  • Emergency preparedness in the education sector

    The closures of academic institutions for two weeks in response to the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe have caught many of us involved in the academia by surprise.

  • A river runs through it

    I have seen it on TV, read about it in newspapers, but never thought it would be this bad. I watched it from the deck of a launch, looking forward to a spectacular river cruise that our departmental picnic poster promised.