12:00 AM, September 07, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, September 07, 2018

Am I running out of time?

On some days, you feel full of positivity. You get up in the morning and feel pumped up to get a hundred things done in a day. Then something goes wrong, maybe the day starts with a terrible cup of tea, or you get stuck in traffic for 2 hours, or your boss yells at you. Then you come home, upload a status about what a horrible day you had, and you realise that you actually didn't manage to get a lot done. It seems that you were busy and stressed out, yet you weren't productive.

Here's how you can get more done in 24 hours.

Get enough sleep

If you don't sleep for at least 6 hours, you will be tired for the rest of the day. Sleeping is not a waste of time - you need it in order to be a functional, productive being. It's tragic how we write about all the work stuff we have to finish in a day and the meals we have to cook in our planner, and sleep is always the last priority. So start now, and try to get to bed before midnight.

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No matter which profession you're in, knowledge is power. If you're stuck in traffic for hours, use that time to read instead of playing useless games on your phone.

Maintain a to-do list

You will be amazed at how beneficial it is to write things down instead of just making mental notes. You will be able to prioritise and organise, and your life will be less stressful.