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  • 6 steps to get people to trust your e-commerce site

    You have a site or Facebook page for your business. You have great products. You also have a good amount of people that know about you. But no one is buying. Where lies the mystery? How do you turn those visitors into buyers?

  • Go paperless for an eco-friendly workplace

    Going paperless in the workplace can save money. Tons of it. Oh, it can reduce waste, improve employee efficiency and do good for the environment too.

  • 5 top tips for working on the go

    Succeeding in the new frontier of business is all about being flexible in terms of time and space. Here are five tips to help you survive.

  • Is spitting it out the best way to break bad news?

    People pick up on when they're being buttered up for bad news—it only amps up their anxiety. Why make a person go paranoid waiting for you to get the point just because you can't find the right words?

  • 7 secrets to managing Gen Y

    Generation Y or Gen Y, also known as millennials, is the fastest growing workforce in the corporate world.

  • 10 places to pick up ace leadership skills for free

    Does that mean you have to put aside your dreams of being the simmering unicorn of leadership wisdom your team needs to succeed? Well, of course not. There are plenty of free resources that can help you increase your competency, often on your own schedule.

  • Let's get stuff done

    Recall the following every time you are faced with a task you are not obligated to complete right then and there.

  • How to win an argument

    If you're not naturally good at debating, arguments can be frustrating.

  • Pitch perfect

    Have a brilliant idea, but don't know what to say to your boss?

  • Reverse engineer your way out of work misery

    If you can't seem to set goals even if your life depended on it, and you think it's getting in the way of a fulfilling work experience, do not despair. Turns out you are in the same boat as Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger.

  • Internships: Calm (?) before the storm

    Here are seven things you should keep in mind in order to make your internship experience more than just filler material for your CV.

  • You mad, bro?

    How to resolve office conflicts in 5-6 steps

  • 5 science-backed reasons to drink more coffee

    You probably already knew that when adenosine binds with its receptor, you feel drowsy, but when caffeine comes in, it binds with the receptor instead, stopping you from feeling drowsy, right?

  • How to be as productive as a Google employee

    Sleep pods, breakfast bars, massage therapists, and even haircuts—with in-office perks like these keeping employees rested, relaxed, energised, and satisfied, no wonder Google is the high-functioning, super-innovative company that it is.

  • Three steps to becoming indispensable Captain Awesome

    You want a raise? Become indispensable with your ever developing skill set.

  • Want to pick up data science? Brush up on your math first

    If you’re considering picking up data science online, but are feeling a little shaky with your stat skills, here are a couple of introductory courses to get you started.

  • 9 ways to have more effective meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you've ever caught your team looking for an eject button on their conference room chairs, take heart! There are simple ways to make meetings highly productive.

  • Habits to-be entrepreneurs must nurture

    Not all can cut it as successful entrepreneurs. For some, it seems effortless while for others it calls for nurturing certain qualities.

  • 3 LinkedIn habits to pick up today

    Everyone gets to a point where they want to dig a little deeper, go beyond the basics and into the nitty-gritties—really hone a skill or a habit. That’s what your attitude towards LinkedIn should be.

  • How to be genuinely likable

    Who doesn't like to be around a vibrant and lively soul? A soul that seems to be so “naturally” likable and charismatic that you almost always crave their vibes and even wish you were like them.

  • How emotionally intelligent are you? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Good emotional intelligence improves your relationships and your professional outlook. But how do you know if you’ve got it or not?

  • Top takeaways from Zuckerberg’s grad speech

    Our favourite Silicon Valley dropout has finally graduated!

  • How worrying can be healthy

    Worrying isn't the same as dwelling on the past. Instead it's an opportunity to look ahead and make the best out of your situation.

  • The right way to network

    The term “networking” is probably one of the most clichéd and misused terms in 21st century corporate culture. Find out what how to make the most out of it.

  • Find time in your busy schedule with one, easy step

    If the bulk of your free time is squandered on binge-watching your favourite shows (don't get me wrong – TV is life), consider punching in some digits into Omni Calculator.

  • 6 ways to make the most out of your semester break

    Let's be honest here. You are not going to score an internship for the two-week vacation you get at the end of the term. Neither are you going to be partying 24/7. But that hardly means the entire vacation has to go to waste.

  • 4 apps to beat your smartphone addiction

    Do you take your phone to the bathroom? Do you sleep next to it? Do you space out in the middle of conversations because you have to check notifications every 10 seconds?

  • Staying relevant in the job market

    How do you stay on top of the changing demands of the workplace and ensure you climb up the career ladder? How do you remain relevant?

  • A fresh graduate's guide to personal finance

    Unfortunately, personal finance is not something that is taught at schools or universities. While graduating and finding a job are stressful on their own, life becomes even more complicated when you are suddenly the financial decision maker of your life (no, hangouts and travel fares do not count anymore).

  • 4 essentials for staying alive as you work and study

    Most of my middle to final years of university involved haphazard study and a killer work schedule. Two jobs and a few tutoring gigs