Held in Ukraine as ‘human shield’: Collecting info on 5 Bangladeshis, says Momen

Photo: UNB

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen today said they are collecting information on the five Bangladeshis who posted a video.

"So far what we came to know is that they went to Russia and had planned to go somewhere else," he said, adding that they were detained by the Ukraine government as illegal migrants, and subsequently kept in a detention centre.

"They're still there (detention Centre). We're trying to get more information. We'll begin our efforts to bring them back once we get more information," said the foreign minister.

Momen was speaking to reporters at a media briefing at the state guesthouse Padma.  

"We've talked to our ambassador. We're trying to get their information and evaluating their statements as they claimed they are being kept there forcibly by the Ukrainian government as 'human shield'," said Momen.


Momen said the body of engineer Md Hadisur Rahman is being preserved in Ukraine and efforts are underway to bring back the remains home.

"The body has been kept in a safe place in Ukraine," he told reporters.

The foreign minister also said 28 crew members of the Bangladeshi vessel "Banglar Samriddhi" are now in Bucharest, Romania. "They stayed at a hotel there last night".

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