Published on 12:00 AM, August 11, 2018

Demon Mayor!

WWE Superstar Kane has been elected as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee! Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, ran for mayor vouching for the Republicans. He defeated Democratic candidate Linda Haney where he earned 31,739 votes to his name while Haney got 16,611. WWE congratulated Jacobs via a tweet. Jacobs has managed to make a much decorated pro wrestling career. He has won multiple championships including the WWF Championship, ECW Championship, WWF Hardcore Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship and many more. His onscreen rival Mick Foley congratulated Jacobs and said, “He's a very wise man and caring person, and I think he'll do a great job in Knox County.” Perhaps Donald Glover had been just right, when he wrote “This is America”!


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