Published on 12:00 AM, August 11, 2018

Femme Fabulous - Toma Mirza

Toma Mirza made her debut in the showbiz industry with the movie 'Mone Boro Kosto' in 2009. She never had to look behind since then. Toma played the female lead in many popular movies including 'O Amar Desher Mati', but her excellent performance as supporting actor in 'Nodijon' and 'Ek Mon Ek Pran' garnered much appreciation from the audiences. She won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film 'Nodijon' in 2015.

Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed

Skin Care

Toma Mirza likes her skin clean and clear, the sole reason why she prefers going make up free most of the time. Washing her face frequently is one of her regular practices. Using kitchen-remedies and homemade pastes are not feasible options for her due to the tightly packed work schedule. So she prefers going to parlors on a regular basis where the treatments not only make her skin soft and supple but also leave it dirt-free. Among kitchen essentials, yoghurt is her regular beauty companion which soothes her skin and removes tan effectively. Toma uses olive oil to remove her makeup most of the time. But she also uses a cleansing lotion accompanied by a medicated home-done facial prescribed by her doctor to keep her skin healthy. She has a sensitive skin-type so she prefers using medicated products based on her doctor's recommendation and goes to the parlor for extensive care by expert hands.

Hair Care

Putting a lot of oil to her hair has been in Toma's practice since childhood. Argon oil is her favorite because not only it is free from the stickiness that other hair oils create, but it is also a good healer of her hair roots. Argon oil reduces her hair fall and at the same time lets new hair grow. Along with applying lots of oil, shampooing properly is essential as well. She never forgets to pair up her shampoo with a good conditioner to keep her hair lustrous. Along with skin care, whenever Toma visits a parlor, she tries to avail hair treatment too. A hot oil massage, a color protection pack or a protein pack, are the few treatments Toma prefers doing in order to maintain the health of her hair.


On normal days, while running errands Toma only uses a sunscreen with a little bit of MAC face powder over it to get rid of the oiliness of the sun protector. A light shade lipstick accompanies her simple everyday-go make up regime. Toma surprisingly loves doing her own makeup, with little help from the makeup artists. Her ready-to-go pouch contains all her makeup essentials including face powder, foundation, lipstick, eye-shadows, liners, mascara and blush. Blush is her favorite among them all as she always finishes her makeup with a touch of it, she carries this pouch with her all along. In case you're curious about the brands of her makeup, Toma Mirza's makeup kit goes all-MAC with one or two other brands for her liner and mascara.

Regular Wear

Her choice in attire is one of a kind. Toma loves wearing Panjabi. And by Panjabi, she does not mean the Kurtis that females usually wear but the ones cut and styled for men only. When she asks for them in shops, it leaves the shopkeepers awestruck so she prefers buying clothes of her choice and tailors them. Other than this, she also loves wearing t-shirts and trousers.

Party Wear

Dressing as per the ambience is something Toma Mirza highly appreciates. Sarees and Salwar Kameez are her favorite party-wears. From simple pieces to highly embroidered ones, she wears them all as per the event. She also wears gowns but only when it is a birthday party or if the theme of the event requires.