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People you meet on a plane

We meet people who make us uncomfortable and are borderline annoying on a daily basis. However, when we meet the same people 30,000 feet above sea level and in a closed vessel, every action of theirs somehow become either unbelievably entertaining or makes your eyes and ears bleed.



“Hey, how about you pretend that you are my pregnant sister who needs to lie down? Maybe they will let us sit in first class seats.”

“Let's just casually walk over and sit in first class, nobody will know.”

The excuses never end. And surprisingly enough, they sometimes pull it off and enjoy 15 hours of first class plane ride.



From the moment they set foot on the plane till it lands, there is always going to be a guy/girl who takes a selfie with everything on the plane: A picture of what colour the plane seats are or what the inside of a plane's lavatory looks like to how the luggage is kept. Everything.

More often than not you will find that this person is sitting in front of you and you are in the background of every selfie. You will make desperate attempts to hide your face and not fall asleep with your mouth open because you don't want a stranger to have ugly photo evidence of you.



There will always be at least one incessantly crying baby on the plane who will make you feel that you would rather deal with snakes on a plane. The crying never stops. There are a few pauses though, just to make sure that you fall asleep during that pause only to wake up with the melodious cries.



This person will be low-key convinced that you are all going to die. You will wonder if this is their first ever plane ride or not, only to try and make sense out of their behaviour. You will see their face turn all dry when the plane takes off and with every turbulence the plane encounters, you will see their face go pale. They will probably call the cabin crew at least three times to know about the safety policy and if the pilot fell asleep or not.



Yes, this is that one person with the really really small bladder who goes to the toilet at least four times in two hours. The likelihood of them sitting right next to you is immense.

Even if they aren't sitting right next to you, they will most certainly bump into you every time they make the journey from their seat to the washroom.



That one person who is always eating throughout the whole journey. First they will wait and see what free snacks the plane provides. Almost in every case they will be very unsatisfied with the food. If you are sitting next to this person, they will randomly ask if you got the same food or not. This will be followed by 15 to 20 minutes of complaining about the food quality before you eventually give in.



This one is about the likes of you and I – people who try really hard to prove they aren't a part of any of the above mentioned groups/individuals.


Megha has had weird experiences on the plane. If you want to know more about her random plane journeys, you can find her at megharahman26@gmail.com